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How To Make The Design Of Your Site Talking?

The internet revolution has been the driving force behind the success of the retail revolution in recent times. It is often said that gone are the days of bricks and mortar business since more and more businesses are coming into the virtual space with a view to complementing its’ growth and success. However, none can deny the impact of e-commerce revolution on the bricks and mortar businesses in any part of the world, but it is equally obvious that one cannot replace the other completely.

Having said that, we mean, bricks and mortar businesses would always be there despite an impressive growth of e-commerce. In fact, e-commerce and the bricks and mortar businesses work hand in hand with a view to achieving an unprecedented growth in every sector. Therefore, e-commerce design is important for your business too despite you are a small and marginal player in your niche market.

Again, there is a competition in the virtual space too. Therefore, the design of your e-commerce site must have certain qualities that, in turn, will help you stand out in the online marketplace. In other words, the design of your e-commerce site must do the talking for you online that will create opportunities for consumer engagement thereby will attract consumers as well.

Key areas of e-commerce design:

  • Speed of your site: Your site must have a high speed. Having said that, we mean, it must upload and become operational within a second. This will help you retain visitors’ interest to your site at the first place. After all, the basic motto of online marketing is the convenience. Therefore, waiting for a site to upload and becoming operational is a mere waste of time and energy to an online visitor. In other words, the speed of your site attracts and retains visitors for longer duration thereby creates more opportunities to sell.
  • Store design: The convenience of buying goods and services online is the buzzword for the success of your online business. Therefore, the e-commerce design of your site, especially with regard to the store, must be unique and user-friendly. This will help you clock more revenue for sure.
  • Landing page design: The landing page of a site is the page that an online visitor hits clicking your website link. In other words, the landing page of your site has the power of convincing visitors in your favour. This is something like love at first sight that usually remains with a visitor. It further connotes that a good landing page is a must for your e-commerce site.
  • Responsive design: More and more people are using smartphones today. Therefore, the scope of browsing a page or two of your site through the smartphone has potentially increased. Unless your ecommerce site has a responsive design, smartphone users will avoid it.

Based on the types of products that you deal with, you may have specific requirements as regards your e-commerce design. Therefore, it is important for you to know your priorities first with a view to setting the parameters of a successful design here.

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Andy Favell

Andy Favell