3 Things You Need to Start Earning Through Blogs

3 Things You Need to Start Earning Through Blogs

There are tons of informative and entertaining blogs on the internet. People love reading these articles, and a lot of people are earning through it.

If you have reached this article because you are interested to know how to earn through blogs, then you came to the right page! What you are about to read will teach you how to start earning by writing blogs through the help of John Chow, a well-known blogger who already made millions by doing this business.

Here are the three things you need so you can start writing your blogs and earning from it:

Content Management System

A content management system is a software where you can create your blogs and publish it for millions of readers around the world. You are going to use this system to control your blogs. You can also add some plug-ins so you can create better blogs, see the reactions of the readers, increase the blog’s ranking on search engine, and more.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best content management system. Most of them are free and comes with different features. All you have to do is to set it up and make it attractive as it is going to be the “face” of your business.

John Chow

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is a service that will put your page on the internet. It will provide you all services and technologies needed for your website to run and be seen on the world wide web.

Websites are stored in a server from the web hosting service provider. When an internet user typed your website address on their browser, or click your link on a search engine, they will get connected to the server which will deliver your webpage to them through a browser.

A Help from John Chow

As I have mentioned, John Chow is one of the most successful bloggers who has already earned millions in this kind of business. He is offering new bloggers some hand to kick start their new business, and it is for free!

Chow is will to give you a free WordPress installation service. He knows that a content management system like WordPress is hard to understand, and most aspiring bloggers cannot start blogging because of this.

John Chow will install and set up this system for you at no cost, plus he will also add some essential plugins to get your blog going, and again, it is for free! Below are the plugins that you can get from him:

  • All in One SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress to help your blog get a good rank on search engines.
  • Google Sitemap will help your blog pages index get to Google.
  • W3 Total Cache makes your page load faster and handles a good number of traffic.
  • Show Top Commentators will encourage your readers to comment on your blog using this plugin!
  • com Stats will tell you who is visiting your blog.
  • Akismet removes the comment spam.
  • After the Deadline is a proof reading tool that corrects grammar and spelling errors on blogs.

Having someone to set this up for you will cost around at least $100, and you can have it for free from Chow.

Aside from this free service from him, Chow also gets you a web hosting service plan that comes with 60% discount plus $100 worth of Google AdWords credit that you can use to promote your blog.

Earn by sharing your ideas through blogging! All you need is help from one of the world’s best to get started.

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