5 Ways To Get More SoundCloud Likes

SoundCloud is one of the largest audio streaming services on the internet. Whether you are an artist, band, or have a podcast chances are you do or have had a SoundCloud profile. The problem that many people have when uploading tracks to SoundCloud is that it can be difficult to get people to listen to what you have uploaded. This is particularly true if you’re just starting out and new to the network.

If you haven’t noticed every track has a like button, meaning if a listener likes what they hear they can represent that by clicking the like button on SoundCloud. Not only will this increase the number of likes that your track has, but it will increase the likelihood that your music will be visible to more people on SoundCloud. Since likes are so important to your success on SoundCloud I’m going to share these five tips that can help you get more likes on SoundCloud.

1 – Social Sharing

SoundCloud is free to use for listeners so it’s important that as many people as possible are able to listen to your tracks. One of the best ways to get people to listen and like your music is by sharing it on social media. The more followers you have on social media the better. Also, be sure to encourage your followers on social media to like and share your SoundCloud tracks.

2 – Social Shout Out

If you have a friend or an acquaintance on social media with a ton of followers try to get them to post some of your tracks on their social pages once in a while. This is extremely effective if you are able to convince someone with similar interests and many followers to help you out. Don’t be afraid to return the favor or offer them something in return.

3 – Social Exchanges

There are a number of sites and groups for SoundCloud artists to network and share their profiles & tracks. Facebook has the most exchange groups of any place on the internet that I’ve found. The purpose of these groups is to share and exchange SoundCloud likes, plays, follows, reposts, and the list goes on. The idea is to exchange the favor with other people who upload tracks to SoundCloud to help promote growth and awareness of your SoundCloud profile.

4 – Guest Posting & Embeds

SoundCloud has made posting & streaming audio from their network on other websites extremely convenient. All audio tracks that have approval to be shared and embedded allows people to copy a short bit of code from SoundCloud and paste it on their website to display an audio player with your music. This makes it very easy for people to share your tracks and is a great way to get more likes on SoundCloud. Getting a large blog to embed one of your tracks or podcast in an article could get you a ton of likes.

5 – Buy SoundCloud Likes 

The easiest way to get more SoundCloud likes is to setup a campaign with a promotion company like massmediaplus.com. When tracks gain a significant number of likes SoundCloud spots the spike in activity and is more likely to make your content available to additional people. It should go without saying, but getting more likes on your SoundCloud tracks adds credibility and will influence more people to spend time listening to your music and visiting your profile. Over all, I have found buying SoundCloud likes to be a huge time saver. Instead of hiring a promotion company or worse me spending a ton of time promoting my music, I can setup a campaign with Mass Media to get a ton of likes and be able to focus on publishing music.

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