A Beginner’s Guide to Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party

Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party

We can all agree that hanging with your friends is an interesting activity without doing anything constructive and creative. However, if you wish to make a difference and enjoy along the way, we recommend you conduct a murder mystery theatre party.

Remember that this particular type of party depends on numerous factors, including the number of guests, the complexity of the story, theme, and many more things.

Understanding the overall process of preparation will help you throw the best party possible, but you need to follow every single step depending on your preferences.

Of course, these instructions are not inclusive for all party types, but you will get an idea of what to do before throwing the Harry Potter murder mystery party or any other choice.

Let us start from the beginning.

1.Choose a Theme

The first thing that you should do is to pick a particular theme you wish to follow along the way. The theme depends on people you wish to invite as well as their interests because the best way to make everyone interested is to combine two factors we have mentioned above.

The best way to reduce the hassle of doing it in your head is by making a list of interests each potential guest has. By understanding the type of movies and books that they enjoy, you will be able to set a theme that everyone will remember afterward.

At the same time, you should identify the commonalities between your guests by using the list you previously wrote. That way, you will be able to eliminate ideas that do not have enough characters based on the number of people you are inviting.

Remember that you should always have a contingency plan in case someone does not show up, which will help you avoid entering the problem due to a few people.

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2.Story Is Everything

You can find numerous examples of mystery stories online, or you can write everything from scratch, depending on the preparation time you have.

In both cases, you will be able to add the new sense of depth by pitching your own story and by following the similarities between guests and interests you listed beforehand.

We recommend you to check out the guidelines that will help you with the process. Generally, you can choose two types of stories: free play and script.

Choosing the scripted solution means that everyone will have an already-prepared script for the entire play, which means that you should be as creative as possible.

The idea is to write dialogues between characters as well as actions, which is something you need to prepare beforehand to make everything transparent and complete.

This is the best solution for fast-paced games, especially if you wish to make sure that others are following the general ideas.

Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party

On the other hand, choosing free play or improvisation perspective, which means that you will have to prepare an outline of acting and speaking prompts while everyone will have the freedom to act as they want?

Generally, this solution is highly more enjoyable because you will give your guests the ability to be as creative as possible and to involve themselves more than with already scripted plays.

Check out this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Host-a-Murder-Mystery-Party to learn how to host an interactive party with ease.

Whatever story you decide to use, you will be able to plan the outline, but everyone else will fill out the blanks, which means that you do not have to overthink everything beforehand.

Both types come with numerous benefits, and everything depends on the people you are playing with. When it comes to the actual story, you should know that you could add as many details as you want, but everything has to point itself to a mystery solution.

Besides, you should write detailed character descriptions as well as false accusations in combination with red herrings. Generally, whatever you decide to add, it should be connected to the mystery solution.

If you add too many side stories that do not have anything with murder, guests can become discouraged and confused, especially if info is not helpful as it should be. The best way to assure everyone’s enjoyment is to be as simple as possible.

As you become more experienced with making and throwing murder mystery parties, you will be able to write more complex narratives.

In case you are writing your own mystery story, you should include these elements:

  • Introduction – This particular story is the introduction that you will read to guests before the character introduction. We are talking about the context of murder as well as other essential information that everyone should know.
  • Character Description Cards – Remember that each character should have a straightforward biography that will state common points, including characteristics, occupation, murder clues as well as connection with other guests. Clues and connections will help others enter into the point of solving the mystery.
  • Evidence Description Cards – Throughout the game, characters will find pieces of evidence in the form of description cards and other props you included within the story and settings.

3.Rules of Murder Mysteries

The first thing that you should remember is that staying in character is essential because it will help others do it as well. However, if you are a host, you should encourage others to stay in character all the time.

We are talking about particular traits that each character has, including accent, typical prop interaction, and talking with others by referring them by character names.

That is why you should check here to learn about the process of hosting parties.

Each prop and part of interior design should help others play the game and avoid distractions that could happen.

Another important rule for this particular type of game is to follow a script. Each guest will get confidential info that they can share in particular situations and at certain times.

It is essential to state to guests that they can reveal confidential info only when the time is right for the situation. Finally, the last rule is to try to have some fun along the way, because this is not competing and showing your detective skills.

Even if the game is not entirely scripted, it is essential to follow your character and to enjoy murder mystery theatre at your household.

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