A detailed review about the leading PBN.LTD hosting service

A detailed review about the leading PBN.LTD hosting service

If you are searching for the best hosting solution, then PBN.LTD hosting is a right choice for you. The PBN hosting is a new generation private blog network hosting in which your PBNs guarantee no server side footprints.

Basically, PBN hosting provides you flexibility that hosts your desired content management system with the multiple top quality hosting providers and also manage all from one panel, which leaves no server side footprint.

With the advancement of technology, many companies have started the PBN hosting service. This blog network can either be a group of loosely connected blogs or a group of blogs, which are owned by a similar company.

PBN.LTD Hosting

The main purpose of using a private blog network hosting is normally to promote other blogs in a similar network and hence, improve the search engine rankings or revenue of advertising generated from the online advertising on blogs. PBN stands for Private Blog Network and not a Public Blog Network. The advantages of PBN hosting are:

  • Ability to have the custom DNS provider NS.
  • Impossible to identify the genuine vendor of a hosting company.
  • No footprint on the server level.
  • Name servers from the top reputed companies that are being widely used by millions of legitimate websites.
  • The internet protocols from top internet service providers in the world. For instance,
  • Vultr
  • Amazon
  • Azure
  • Linode
  • Digital ocean
  • Many more

Search hosting for PBN.LTD

The PBN has always been more efficient. Even many of the PBNs were leaving many footprints on their website and also select a good pattern of hosting. For PBNs, the PBN hosting is a next generation hosting that provides a good chance for the users to re-think in a way the hosting works for the private blog networks. The major requirements of having PBNs are including:

  • Various internet protocols
  • Multiple content management system
  • Diversification
  • Real looking websites with informative contents
  • Regularly update your private blog networks with new contents
  • Various locations
  • Top public DNS and private DNS combined with the average ones

Prices and packages PBN hosting

When you are looking for the best PBN.LTD hosting packages, first of all, you need to choose your currency such as Euro, USD and GBP and also choose a plan as well. Now, these packages are available in different forms such as quarterly, half-yearly and yearly package. According to your needs, you can choose the specific package. However, the entire packages are including:

  • Once click blog install
  • Large choice of CDNs
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Regular backups
  • Safety optimized servers
  • One click deployment
  • Foot print free word press hosting
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Full SEO metrics of each domain
  • Maintenance free automatic updates

Word press optimized servers

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