A Guide to Toner Cartridge

A Guide to Toner Cartridge

With computerization being the new word, that drives our lives, printing at a personal level has become a lot easier with new technology and new age printers providing quality printing and reasonably affordable prices. Printers have therefore become an integral part of our lives, more of a basic necessity than a luxury. With most of work being done on the move, both from office and home, printers are no longer restricted to offices and commercial establishments. They have become as much a part of our homes, as any other daily utility appliance has. School and college going students also make use of the Beste laserprinter for assignments and projects and hence they have become a part of our lives from the early stages itself.

For the functioning of a printer

It is largely dependent on the toner cartridge that is used in it. The component that creates the text and the images on paper is called the toner or the toner cartridge. It is therefore, the consumable component of the laser printer. A combination of carbon, coloring agents, a dry mixture of plastic particles and a toner powder help in creating the image or text on paper, as we get to see it on our laptops or computers. When the print command is given by us, the toner is electrically charged and it is the toner powder along with the plastic particles that stick to the drum and then to the paper to form the images and text on the paper. The toner cartridge generally has a life of about 2,000 pages and the drum has a life of about 40,000 pages. Both components need re-filling and replacement accordingly. Each color has ca separate cartridge.

Beste laserprinter

Toner cartridges come in different variants, like, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Compatible versions and re-manufactured versions. OEM versions are the cartridges that are manufactured by the same company as your printer. Although a little expensive, they come with a certain guarantee as regards the printer functioning performance is concerned. Compatible versions are new cartridges that are made by third party manufacturers and sold under different brand names. A little lower on the reliability quotient, they do offer a cost effective alternative to the OEMs. Re-manufacturing implies re-filling of a single used cartridge. Caution needs to be exercised before purchasing a re-manufactured version, as it may lead to printer malfunction and leaking.

Choosing the right ink cartridges for personal use or commercial purposes, may seem to be an easy decision, but it is not so always. Our first instinct is to go for cheap and affordable options. But, a lot of homework or online search is required to identify a seller who would provide the best cartridges at reasonable prices, without compromising on the quality for your Beste laserprinter. The best options available are to buy the OEMs. Although the compatible versions cost a lot cheaper than the genuine or the OEMs, they can also cause clogging of nozzles in your printer and thereby prints that are of poor quality. Hence, while choosing compatible toner cartridges, one must always choose a reputable firm as one could be assured that the quality has not been compromised in the cartridge. A good compatible toner cartridge can meet or exceed OEM specifications and actually give you more value per printed page.

Let not the price only decide what you buy as saving on the cartridge price should not lead to spending on fixing your busted printer.

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