Airplane Birthday party theme and ideas to rock your kid’s special day

Though common today, everyone wants to create a lasting impression with a party that is talked about for a longer time period. This leaves you in a spot where you need to plan on a theme for your kid’s birthday party. It is imperative to plan well in advance else it it is quite intimidating as deciding on a theme could be confusing. Especially when you want to have the best themed birthday parties for your kid; all ideas seem common. So, what does your kid love? Super heroes? Airplanes? How about helping them make the Best Paper Airplane Ever?

Picking up the Airplane Theme party

Birthday party themes are different for kids and adults where deciding on a theme and executing it is quite challenging for both kids and adults. As a parent planning and organizing your kid’s party is never a small responsibility but a tiring one where you must plan from scratch and planning the right theme that will be well appreciated by your child and also the guests is very important.

Airplane Theme can be a good source of learning

How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

Airplane party theme is quite an innovative idea loved by kids all over the globe. When planning on kid’s parties opting for a theme that is both fun and educative at the same time, is important. Airplane themed parties can be quite informative and a source of learning too.

  • Choose a popular children’s book and ask the children to dress up like characters from that book.
  • Children like to be creative as well; ask them to dress up like pilots, air hostess, countries or even an airplane.
  • Offer activities like making paper airplanes and give it to them as favors. How to make a paper airplane easy and fast. You can organize for a few hundreds of scrap book sheets in an array of colors. Cut the sheets into a size of 8 ½ x 11 inches. You could also use letter-size rectangle piece of papers to make the Best Paper Airplane Ever.
  • You can also think of activities like decorating their own bookmarks in the shape of an airplane to be taken away as favors. Get the paper airplane instructions and take the kids through it.

The Games

  • Let the kids compete against each other to make the highest number of airplanes.
  • Use a dart board to aim with these airplanes and see which ones reach the dart board.
  • Help the kids learn about the wind blowing directions. This way they would understand the tricks of flying the awesome paper airplane glider at the right time and in the right direction.

Airplane games are a great idea to keep your kids occupied. So, what are you still waiting for?


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Andy Favell

Andy Favell