21 May 2019

The ABC’s Of Android Apps Development

Android apps are the applications designed to run on the PCs and mobile. These apps are available on the various app server. These apps provide various features and applications to the user. These apps can be downloaded from the websites directly or using any of the app servers. The android

12 Dec 2017

What should you know before buying the new Nokia 7?

Nokia has been on a roll recently, launching a slew of exciting smartphones one after another. However, it wasn’t too long ago when Nokia was tragically breathing it’s last at the hands of Microsoft before finally throwing in the towel. It was a big loss to the world because, for

29 Jun 2017

Google Pixel 2 will mount a Snapdragon 835 and will have OLED curved display

After a rather disappointing 2016 year in the mobile phone industry for Google, the company seems to be making the most of the new Google Pixel 2. We’ve already brought some news about the next Google phone; A few days ago we told you that new rumors confirm the 3

29 May 2017

Samsung is battling for Samsung Galaxy S9

The last propelled Note 7 didn’t do well for Samsung, and now everything is set for the Galaxy S9 dispatch. Late Galaxy S8 would take after this dispatch. How about we find about the Galaxy S9. For proprietors of little palms looks helpful control work with one hand. Squeezed three

22 Apr 2017

Screen Replacement And Technical Faults In Today’s Smartphones

Having a mobile phone is must in the present times to remain in touch with the people and does many other things on the smart phone itself. Possessing an iPhone is no more considered a luxury but the ability to own one and maintain the same too. If the mobile

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22 Mar 2017

Phone numbers – their importance is great than that of call alone

People are in need of communicating with each other as they have assisted or get help in the case of the critical situations. Even though it is not a new chapter, the importance of getting assistance from others is not an easy task in these days. This is because people