Classification of cloud storage

Use of laptop or computer is increasing day by day. Its users have their different purpose to use it but one purpose is common among them. Common purpose of using laptop is saving or storing data or information in it. It is not necessary that you can store only doc files of install software in it. Users may also save movies, songs, videos and their images. Now, every user feels that stored data is increased day by day and large storage space is required to store this data. Laptop storage space is much enough to store the data but what you will do if your laptop will not work properly. This is an electronic device and you cannot rely on this device for storing your data. Even a simple power failure may cause for losing your stored data from laptop. It is good to create regular backup and store this backup on another storage device.

There is also a chance that you have to take your data from one place to another place, then no need to carry it in pen drives or hard drives. Due to advancement in technologies, cloud storage comes into existence. Cloud storage is one of advanced facility that will allow you to store your data on the internet server and use it throughout the world. Cloud storage is classified into four main categories, which are described below.

  • Personal / mobile cloud storage: this is simple type of cloud storage that we are using in our day to day life. These days, everyone is using smart phone like android or I – phone. Main advantage of using such devices is that there is an option of automatically backup to your online account. If you lost your phone at any place, then you will get back your data on your new phone from online account. Suppose, you are android phone and you have created Gmail account in your phone, then your all data will be synced to your Gmail account everyday automatically.
  • Publicly available cloud storage: publically available cloud storage is the space which user has rented or subscribed for a certain period of time. Not only can you, even everyone access this cloud storage using your login id and password. All users will get the permission to access your stored data. You can share your data from anyone in the any part of the world.
  • Privately available cloud storage: private cloud storage space is provided by hosting company and you will get authorized data storing space in the data center. Hosting company will have the responsibility to take care and managing your data so that you can access it whenever want. Users prefer to have this type of cloud storage space because it is too much secure.
  • Hybrid available cloud storage: in this case, some data is available for all users while some part of data is restricted to only specific users. so, this data model may switch from public to private or form private to public.


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Andy Favell

Andy Favell