Connecting With Elders Through Smart Video Phones

Connecting digitally has become easier and faster for most people— however, not for all.

The elders are among those people who are having a hard time connecting with the ones they love. This is because they are too late to cope up with today’s generations’ practices including the use of mobile phones or video phones.

However, our elderly deserves to somehow communicate and connect to their loved ones as easy as how we do it ourselves. Using a simple video phone for elderly can really help. Video phones with easy navigation and options can help elderly easily make calls and video connections with anyone they wish to connect to.

This concept also opens the idea of make them one of this digital era. That although they’re old and late, they still can take advantage of the technologies we are living to today.

Benefits of Video Phones to Elderly

New technologies and innovations are so promising that I make tasks faster, safer and more efficient and effective. Communication no longer has walls but have bridges, and connecting is no longer a hard thing to do. But for the elderly people, these things are unfamiliar and nothing new to them.

Have you heard of a savvy senior? Not yet, but with the help of konnekt smartphones, it can be a good start to see elders enjoy the advantages of our digital generation using simple video mobiles.

Let’s check out how elderly people can actually benefit from using simple video phones from konnekt’s.

1 It’s a good emergency contact solution

Elderly’s needs for attention and time. People who look over them demands a lot of their time. With elders taking advantage of a simple mobile phone, they will be able to connect so easily in times of emergencies like they are having a hard time to get up from bed or need help with something.

2 Improves mental health

Surprisingly, using mobile phones can help improve their mental health. They can not only take advantage of communicating through texts, audios, and videos but they can also install mind games and other siestas. Moreover, it is proven that for all ages the new technology helps in improving one’s cognitive abilities, and so it does in seniors.

3 Can offer entertainment

Elderly people often get stuck at nothing to do. Instead of boring themselves with sitting all day, counting the days of the month, or waiting for the day to end, having smartphones help them relax and find the company through entertainments available.

Examples of these are watching interesting or educational videos, or reading news articles.

About Konnekt Smart Phones

Konnekt smartphones definitely have the mind of the genius to consider making an easy communicating tool for the elderly. They basically help elders communicate, connect and enjoy the advantages that most people enjoy today.

Not only that ages kids, young adults, and adults have the right to get hold of the fast and smart technology, but elders as well deserve to embrace that once in a while.

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Andy Favell

Andy Favell