Create Amazing Videos with Simple Easy to Use Tools

Create Amazing Videos

Now that you have set up a robust enterprise video platform, do you want to create an engaging video to train your employees? Are you thinking of creating videos instead of emails for your next internal campaigns? Who says making videos is tough? With some simple, easy to use tools, you can go ahead and create some amazing videos for your audience. There are a wide number of tools available. But here let’s look at some popular ways that you can access to create some simple yet effective videos that your employees will love and share.

Screencasts are the perfect way to record the activities taking place on your computer screen. If you want to give a demo or record a tutorial, screencasts can record your screen activities and you can create your video through it. You can use tools like Camstasia or ScreenFlow to record and edit your screencasts. These tools let you record and take screencasts. You can easily edit your videos, customize them according to your requirement, add speech bubbles and other special effects also.

Next up, another great way to create a video is simply through slides. Create a number of slides that tell a story and then simply save it as a video on your Powerpoint version 10. You can create a deck that contains explains products, policies or talks about events or coverage. Add animations and transitions. You can even add audio clips to make things more interesting. Nothing can get easier than this.

A much more enhanced and rich version of Pwerpoint, Prezi allows you to make some very creative videos and presentations. A presentation tool, with Prezi you can create highly effective and interactive designs that lets you zoom in and zoom out on the presentation and focus on details that you want to show. Essentially, it helps to show all the details and elements of your presentation in a very eye-catching and engaging manner.

Create Amazing Videos

You can also use Windows Movie Maker or IMAC for basic video making. Both these applications allow you to import images and clips and edit them into videos. If you want to save yourself from too much of hassles, there are a lot of options that you can find online. You can go online onto sites like Goanimate or Animoto. These freemium websites allow you to create interesting videos through a simple 3 or 5 step process. All you need to do is pick a style for your video. Then select photos and video clips, add text and choose a song. Finally, create the video and share it with your audience. Another easy to use app is Magisto that that automatically turns your everyday videos and photos into edited movies with a concrete storyline.

Flipgram is taking the social media space by storm. If you have an corporate instagram account, Flipgram can work wonders. This tool allows you to Combine still images and videos from your mobile device to make a diary of sorts. You can record voice narration, choose from Flipagram’s music or upload 15 seconds of music you already have on your mobile device. Another interesting tool is Boomerang which is again widely used in social media. If you want to highlight a specific feature, you can use this tool. This app creates a one second video out of a video that you take and loops and forward and backward. It’s a fun way for businesses to capture audience attention.

Thus video making isn’t as tough or difficult as it is made out to be. All you need is an effective enterprise video solution and with some simple tools, you too can create some nice videos.

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