Digital Applications Of Lettering You Should Be Aware Of

The use of custom characters and hand-drawn letters is extremely popular in the digital as well as physical items. You can see them on t-shirts, labels of products, posters and likewise. For a newbie who wants to learn lettering skills and start as a freelancer to earn money with their skills, they have to start with digital products. You can visit us for different tutorials to learn the techniques required for lettering. Once you have the right skills and techniques, you can get unlimited orders as a freelance designer from freelancing platforms. The following are the digital applications of lettering where you can put your skills into designing.

Various Digital Applications Of Lettering –

Before you can start designing physical items after you learn lettering skills, you have to start with digital products because most of the freelance jobs on lettering are based on them.

Logo Designs –

Text-based logos are extremely popular especially when the letters are custom-made and unique to set the personality of the brand stand out easily. But in such text-based logos, you make have to design a hand-crafted font so that it looks professional. There are various courses available on Skillshare and you can visit us for different tutorials to learn the required skills from your home. There is a huge demand for text-based logos made out of hand-crafted fonts and the pay is extremely high.

Business Cards –

Professional people have got bolder and they are ready to get out of the traditional stereotype business cards and use custom characters to give their cards a personality. They make sure that the business cards are something they should feel proud about and that is where you can capitalize as a freelancer if you have the right skills to make them with customer lettering rather than available fonts.

Online Books and Magazines – eBooks and eMags are extremely popular and those who have tablets, they prefer to download eBooks and eMags all the time rather than buying physical books. That is where publishers are hiring lettering designers to design their covers so that the buyers get attracted instantly and make the purchase.

Similarly, there are various online stores that are offering custom hand-craft fonts to design t-shirts, mugs, cups, or anything printable. You can also design social media posters, online advertisement posters that users cannot take their eyes off unless they check the entire thing. Once you have the right skills for lettering designs, they are endless opportunities waiting for you.

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