The unprecedented growth of social media has created opportunities for businesses to leverage its vast potential. However, if someone expects instant returns from it in terms of turning visits into conversions, then it might disappoint big time as well. The main reason is that a majority of people from across the world who flock to social media in droves, do not necessarily scout for companies and their products / services but go there to have casual conversations with their colleagues, friends, relatives, acquaintances, or to get updated about the latest developments in various fields. The challenge is to tap this potential goldmine of consumers with innovative brand building exercise instead of bombarding it with advertisements, which most of the time people on social media do not pay any heed. This begets the question as to how a company or business should go about building its brand on social media when the potential clientele is generally not interested to engage. The answer should be in carrying out a meticulous brand building exercise with a consistent theme, styling, and content that back the products and services. Importantly, instead of embarking on this exercise half heartedly, you should engage professionals with a clear cut vision. Hence, instead of utilizing the in house resources that for most of time wouldn’t have any clue or vision concerning brand building on social media, one should go about looking for social media marketing services in India.

The plan of action should include:

Choosing the style and theme: Your social media account should reflect a style and theme that defines your brand. The same should be visible in various avenues where your brand gets highlighted like the official communiqué, brochures, visiting cards, banners, diaries etc. Thus, the style consisting of colour scheme, tone, saturation, and theme should be consistent everywhere. Importantly, the choice of colours should be such that it stays easy on the eyes with light undertones. The theme on the other hand should be chosen with a thought that goes with your brand. For example, if your brand has something to do with flowers then the theme should reflect the flower(s)’ image at the background.

Content type: Identifying your niche audience should form an important part of your social media marketing India exercise. Once chosen, research should follow as to the type of content your target audience likes text, image, videos, or all. The aim should be to make your content interesting and engaging, and depending on your audience type, should contain text that is interspersed with images or videos.

Content strategy: Proper thought should go into the content strategy that you have undertaken for brand building. The SMO team should identify whether the content should be about dishing out mere information or do so with entertainment as well. For example, being informative for an education site would make more sense than being entertaining.

Content updation: Your audience should not get bored by seeing similar content lined up on your social media account for months and years. The content can only pique the interest of your audience should it remain engaging and updated periodically. Thus, articles or blogs pertaining to your product or service should be updated from time to time, and the old ones should be archived such that they can be easily seen if the audience decides likewise.

Interaction: If the members of your audience post a comment the same should be acknowledged or at best, replied. The audience should feel that their views are being taken seriously. This can play a crucial role in building the most important trust factor with your audience. And once the trust factor gets established translating the same into sales can happen gradually.

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