Everything You Must Know About A VHF Marine Radio

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Although instant communication between the boat belonging to a person and all the other boats, marinas, bridges, and the United States Guard (CSCG) is not much required in a recreational

boat under the length of about 65.5 feet, a VHF (Very high frequency) marine radio permits communication instantly in such cases. It is considered the primary means to communicate on coastal waters and has various features attached to it, making it preferable over other options such as a CB Radio, cell phone, or any other means of communication.

How is a VHF marine radio operated? 

Buy a vhf marine radio for sale and follow the steps mentioned below to operate it:

  • A person should start by making sure that he is on the right channel.
  • Secondly, adjust the squelch control as low as he can without hearing a white noise or static noise.
  • Thirdly, push the button present on the microphone to send or transmit.
  • Fourth, speak in a casual voice.
  • Fifth, take off his finger from the button to listen to the other person.

What are the channels to be used? 

A person should consider using the following channels:

  • Channel 9
  • Channel 13
  • Channel 16
  • Channel 22A
  • Channel 68
  • Channel 69
  • Channel 71
  • Channel 72
  • Channel 78A

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How to use a marine radio?

The standard process to make a non-emergency call such as calling another marina, restaurant, or a vessel for asking as to where can you tie up for dinner is initiated by calling the marina, restaurant, or the vessel on channel 9 and following the manner provided herewith:

  • The name of the station being called is spoken thrice.
  • The phrase “this is” is spoken once
  • The name of the vessel is spoken once.
  • The word “over”.
  • Wait for the station to answer; it should be in the same manner followed by you during your call.
  • Suggest a particular working channel upon answering to continue the conversation.
  • The word “over”
  • Wait for a confirmation or a reply from the station you called, switch to a particular channel that works, and repeat the procedure.
  • When you are done speaking and consider leaving the channel, remember to use “out” at the ending.

Warnings and recommendations 

  • Always use simple English.
  • It is illegal to use false distress signals or foul language.
  • Limit all the conversations you do to a fixed time, preferably 5 minutes or less.
  • Remember that everything said by you can be heard by anyone having a VHF radio.


After you consider buying a vhf marine radio for sale, remember to put in your life jacket safe with you to wear at the issuance of a MAYDAY call. We hope this article was of help to you, feel free to ask your queries below.