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Everything You Should Know About People Counting Sensors

Generally, any kind of device that can count people as they enter a particular area is people counters. Back in the day, they were simplistic, which meant manual clicker that the doorman had to push each time someone enters a particular building or store.

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However, as technology improved, they became almost invisible, complex machines that can provide you with a significant amount of data about visitor demographics, customer behavior, marketing effectiveness and staff performance among other things.

The main reason why counters became indispensable for physical stores is because online retailers found ways to understand customer behavior, which allowed them to increase both revenue and sales.

Therefore, as soon as you notice a drop in visitors and customers, you will be able to find a reason and cause for it due to comprehensive analytics that are available. However, it is more challenging for physical stores to determine the reasons for spike or drop in sales.

That is the main reason why most brick-and-mortar retailers decided to implement technologically advanced counters to access the same data as E-Commerce websites and brands, which ultimately helps them to bring more customers and create a relevant marketing strategy.

People Counter Buying Guide

The first thing you should consider when it comes to finding a particular counter that will help you determine real-time data is by checking its accuracy. However, you should consider other factors as well including:

  • Business Goals – It doesn’t matter whether you wish to generate customer behavior for the upcoming marketing campaign or to count the number of visitors, because these devices can provide you wide array of features and options. That is the main reason why you should set your business goals before you make up your mind. You should answer the questions such as: “Should you get it to change a store’s structure based on customers’ behavior?” or “Do you wish to improve your staff’s performance and productivity?” or “Do you wish to understand a profile of your target audience so that you can create relevant inventory?” Before choosing the right counter, you need to consider answering these questions first. You should check out this site: to learn more about occupancy tracking.
  • Type of Entrance – You should remember that if you choose an infrared counter, you will be able to place it in a narrow entrance. On the other hand, if you own a swinging door, we recommend you to avoid this particular type because this will prevent the infrared beam from being accurate. If you have a large store with a wide entrance, we recommend you to get either video or overhead thermal counter.
  • Store Layout and Size – The layout and size of your store is another crucial factor that will help you determine the number of devices that you should install afterward. For instance, if you own a large retail mall or store, you should get video counters because they will provide you wide coverage, which means that you should invest in less of them. On the other hand, infrared comes with smaller coverage, which means that you will need more of them to deal with large stores.
  • Think About Existing Systems – You should know that you can combine the data you get from counters with loyalty program platform and marketing cloud, which will give you a chance to analyze your target customers and learn more about your visitors in general. As soon as you implement a CRM you will get a comprehensive view of your customers.That way, you can ensure that you implement technology that you can combine with other options you already have to improve the efficiency of your marketing.
  • Analytics and Dashboard – Apart from the idea that you should think about implementing hardware that will help you count and measure customer behavior, you should also consider implementing analytics and reports based on the type of system you wish to use. The latest ones come with the ability to provide you both data and insights that people generate within your business premises. An ideal one will provide everything you wish to know during store hours including real-time traffic so that your staff can prepare with ease and convert a potential customer.
  • Maintenance and Installation – Remember that high-end models and options that you can choose will provide better insight on real-time data that will help you drive sales and increase profit. At the same time, you should check out the installation methods as well as maintenance and remote diagnostics. That way, you will reduce downtime and enjoy additional accuracy. By clicking here, you will be able to learn more about customer relationship management.

Benefits of People Counters

  • Insight Into Customer Behavior – The simplest way to understand everything about your target customers and audience is by finding a counter that will provide you with real time data. You can find either budget-friendly or high-end option that you can place at the entrance to get relevant information about how many customers are entering your store. Keep in mind that when you decide to analyze traffic data, you will get customers’ perspectives, which will help you create the best strategy that will help you along the way.

Optimize Staff Scheduling – When it comes to your employees, it is vital to find ways to create a balance. You do not want to have too many people or too few. We recommend you to visit this website: to learn more about customer behavior. If you wish to create a solid timetable for your employees, we recommend you to invest in counters that will determine how many of them you need each day. It will help you schedule better, which is an important factor for brick-and-mortar stores.

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