Get To Know About Hosting Company Policies

When you have information about all type of cloud storage space, you will able to find out which is best for you and will be best as per your requirement. People, who are taking interest to store their vital and important data on cloud storage, must have to know about different type of cloud storage. In this article, we have described different types of cloud storage.

Different types of cloud storage are:

Publicly available cloud storage:

Publically available cloud storage is the space which user has rented or subscribed for a certain period of time. Not only can you, even everyone access this cloud storage using your login id and password. All users will get the permission to access your stored data. You can share your data from anyone in the any part of the world if you have complete backup computer data.

Personal / mobile cloud storage:

If you lost your phone at any place, then you will get back your data on your new phone from online account. Suppose, you are android phone and you have created Gmail account in your phone, then your all data will be synced to your Gmail account everyday automatically. This is simple type of cloud storage that we are using in our day to day life. These days, everyone is using smart phone like android or I – phone. Main advantage of using such devices is that there is an option of automatically backup to your online account.

Privately available cloud storage:

Users prefer to have this type of cloud storage space because it is too much secure. Private cloud storage space is provided by hosting company and you will get authorized data storing space in the data center. Hosting company will have the responsibility to take care and managing your data so that you can access it whenever want.

Hybrid available cloud storage:

In this case, some data is available for all users while some part of data is restricted to only specific users. So, this data model may switch from public to private or form private to public.

Users will get storage space on the internet and will be able to access their data in any part of the world. So, it is an advice for every user to do careful investigation about the hosting company. There are number of situations when company may change their policies. There are number of cloud storage hosting companies which are not permanent and may change their policies according to company situation or whenever they want. Such situations may be:

  • Bankrupt
  • Expand and change their focus related to you stored data on their cloud storage
  • When trying to merge with other larger company
  • When migrated to another country and not import all policies from current country
  • Faces an irrecoverable disaster and you did not get your data again

So, when you are giving authority to any hosting company to take care of your data for your future use, you must have to get all details about their previous performance.

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Andy Favell

Andy Favell