How does the infrared camera work?

In the current panorama of video surveillance, the infrared camera is undoubtedly placed at a higher level, thanks to the image vision technology that allows excellent video shooting even at night and in the dark. Not surprisingly, many consider this type of cameras as the ultimate in security, especially outdoors. Others wonder if the infrared camera guarantees real advantages over a traditional product, or if it is just an enhanced version of the classic surveillance camera, but with a higher price. From this perspective, the question arises: in which scenarios is it really appropriate to install a surveillance camera with night vision for the home? Where can this product make a difference? To answer, we will try to analyze the pros and cons of a versatile and constantly evolving accessory, whose operation is simpler than you can imagine. We then explain how and why infrared cameras could change the protection of your home, but also of your shop or office, protecting you from annoying, thieves and thieves. Let’s start with an overview of invisible infrared Looking for high speed camera in Malaysia? Click here.

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The infrared camera at a glance

Everyone knows the infrared camera as a product developed to ensure full visibility at night. However, not everyone knows how a video surveillance kit of this type works, in particular how the infrared LEDs work and how movement is detected. So let’s start from a first point, that is to say from the scientific explanation of infrared. When we talk about infrared, we are referring to the well-known heat waves (or heat radiation) emitted by any living thing. An infrared camera is capable of recognizing these temperature waves and delimiting their contours, while a thermal imager reaches a greater wavelength. The camera sensor is therefore able to record images even without light, for example at night or when everything is closed and dark in the house because the owners are absent.

The result is clear thermal images, made visible thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of thermography (or infrared technology). Without the aid of the flash, the contours of the body will be shown with a vivid color, while with the contribution of the flash the images will be far more precise, outlining the global environment in black and white.

The infrared surveillance camera and night vision

As we have seen so far, the infrared surveillance camera is a valuable ally to monitor the house at night, thanks to the flawless night vision.

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