How many ways to print the web pages

print the web page

In many events, one has to go for the printing of web pages. The computer is a device where one can do the same function in different ways and hence it is always helpful to know the various ways of printing the web pages. One of the major issues is while forming the site, many of the developers do not care to offer it in a presentable form where the web page can be printed. Hence, one has to take a little care while going for the printing of web pages.

print the web page

Here are some of the steps that can help one get the web page printed.

  • Check the Preview: The preview is much required to check before placing the final command of printing the web page. The preview can help one to see if all the corners are covered or not, if the colors are properly visible, the images can be seen, and if the contssent is seen with right size or not. One can also see that all the pages are printed if the job is sent to the printer. Hence the preview can be much helpful to check the web page printing.
  • Select right alignment: There are two types of printing options, one is known as a portrait, and another is landscape. The right option must be chosen so that there can be enough space on the page to get all the information on the web page printed as it is on the site. This can also be checked with the help of print preview.
  • Fit to page: This option can help the user to get the information fit on the page in a manner that can help the user to get exact information. This option can also help the user to get the information fit in required page size so that one can have all the information as required despite it is presented in a different manner on the site. It is also known as a shrink-to-fit option.
  • Use the button: On many websites, there is also a facility offered, which can help one print the page as required. The button is commonly named as print, and as soon as one clicks on it, the required web page goes to the concerned printer for the printing. This can help the user to get the job done easily. On such sites, it is believed that the developer has taken pains to provide the print version of the page in a way which is linked to the print button. Hence, with a single click, only one can get the required web page printed easily. Hence, among the leading website, one can see this option easily available. The sites which deal with the public in general usually have such option readily provided, and hence for the user, it is easy to get the concerned page printed.

Hence, with some efforts, one can easily get the desired web page printed for a future reference or attachment as a document of proof.


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