How To Send Free Sms From Your Mobiles

Sending short messages through a mobile network is known as sms. It was a great way to send what you had to say if you couldn’t get through in talking. Whenever you want to send a free sms you could consider an app. There are simple steps to get this. There was a time when we had to pay for each word typed. Hence there had to be judicious use of words and lengthy sms would be a big blow to the bill we had to pay, in-fact the sms charges were higher than the talking charge. Then sms became cheaper but still they were chargeable, that’s when whatsapp came into being and sms is hardly used. So free sms service has begun.

Sending these messages to and fro was easy but cost pinched many people, but when free sms was introduced, a new vigour has been seen in people messaging once again. Let us see the latest features of free messaging. Using this service send free SMS from internet in India.


The features are

  • The new sms service is totally free of cost.
  • The message could be sent world wide that is any country of your choice.
  • You can send messages without anyone knowing you have sent it, so you can be totally anonymous.
  • Previously you could send 100 sms per day but now you can send any number, unlimited sms per day. There are no restrictions at all.
  • Bulk messaging was provided only on special days such as festivals and others. But in free sms service sites you can bulk message any time you want and need not wait for special days.
  • If you message a lot and you want to save your talk time and message pack. This free sms site is for you to use as it would save a lot of money.

What all you can experience while using free sms service

  • Messages can be sent to any mobile network.
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Greater speed of delivery
  • If you use a lot messaging service sometimes you can get paid too.
  • You can make unlimited groups
  • They have their own message templates to choose from too.
  • There are some who provide free voice sms
  • There are free email alerts too

 How to set up your free sms on your device by registering with your phone number and type your message and send it where ever you want it to be sent.Using this service send free SMS from internet in India.

  • The mobile number provided by you should not have DND enabled.
  • The sms can only be sent from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Words that malign others and illegal information should not be messaged and you are solely responsible for such an act.
  • The message should have only English alphabets.
  • The free sms is absolutely free if used in India and even no registration is required.
  • You don’t have to provide your mobile number as it is anonymous in nature.

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