How ToDownload Tik Tok Videos For Free

How ToDownload Tik Tok Videos For Free

Tik Tok has been one of the most popular social media sites out there that has a large collection of videos. Most people love watching these videos as they do with other social media accounts. But the problem with Tik Tok is that they can share the video to some other sites but not directly download it. If you have been looking for different ways to download these videos, then is the site that you should be going.

Download Tik Tok videos for free

With the help of this tt saver or Tik Tok saver site, what you can be doing is paste the link of the video from tiktok, and then with tt saver, you can download the video in your device. You can download as many videos as you want, and that is why many people have preferred this site. But the best thing about tt saver is that it is available for free. The actual version is available for free download, or you can use the website as well. So, more and more people have been using this site.


Remove the tik tok watermark while you download the video

When you download the video, you can remove the watermark present in the video. When you share a tik tok video across other social media sites, then you cannot delete the watermark from the video. But with tt saver, you can do that while downloading the video. There is a remove watermark option just below the bar where you paste the link of the video. You can check or uncheck that box according to your wish. If you want to remove the watermark, then go ahead and check the box and the downloaded video will not have any watermark.

Where the downloaded files of tt saver saved

When you are downloading tik tok videos using tt saver, then it gets saved automatically in your default download folder. You can shift the downloaded file to any folder that you want. Moreover, if you are looking forward to saving the downloaded video into a completely new folder, then you have to change the settings of your browser. Thus, the tt saver site works like any general website, and to change the address where you save it, you need to change the settings of the web browser you are using or your mobile settings in case you are downloading it on your mobile.

Thus, if you have been looking forward to downloading the tik tok videos of all your favorite people for free, then just visit the site. This site is extremely user friendly, and you can easily understand how to use the site, so make the most of it for free.

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