Improve Your Cognitive Function By Training Your Brain

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Brain training is a program that consists of activities that have been created to help maintain or improve your cognitive ability. Cognitive ability refers to the components of fluid intelligence such as executive function and working memory. There are so many ways in which you can achieve this, and has been made better with brain games.

Ever thought of training your brain with games? Games have been known to improve the cognitive prowess of some particular individuals. Many have been known to now use this technique known as neurofeedback.  It allows you to change your brain functions by responding to natural personalised feedback that shows how your brain works.

Due to this, the technique has been employed as a treatment approach in people struggling with neurological or psychiatric disorders. Especially in those diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), implying those who have difficulty focusing their brains.

Also to this effect, some have claimed to build apps that help in this regard. You can easily install this app on your smartphone and PC. They come with a promise to help you enhance memory and boost other cognitive functions of your brain. However, there has been little or no evidence to support this.

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And even though these apps have been claimed to have helped improve brain functions, the claims are usually excessive, despite all of these,  some apps that have been built to train the brain have been said to produce some considerable changes in the users’ brains. This is to tell you some of these apps are not that trustworthy.

There are so many exercises to train your brain with and we shall discuss some of them below.

  • Aerobic exercise. Regular aerobic exercises are known to help you boost blood flow to your brain and also increase the size of your hippocampus, the part of your brain that is accountable for verbal memory and learning.
  • Weight training. Other studies have shown that when you undergo months of strength training, like weight lifting, can help prevent the shrinkage of the hippocampus and even in older adults. This is mainly because, when you lift weights, you are focused on your form and the moves you are currently executing. These workouts would in turn exercise the neural circuits in your brain.
  • Dancing and yoga too, because they both have to do with you concentrating on creating different moves and skills.
  • Tai chi is one way to help your hippocampus not reduce or shrink.

This does not disregard the use of games however, it gives you multiple choices to try and improve your cognitive prowess. Some are also known to take supplements like amino acids, creatine,  omega-3 fatty acids and so on.