Know About Xenon; One Of The Rare Elements Present In Earth’s Atmosphere

Xenon is basically a chemical element. This is a colorless, odorless and dense noble gas which is found in earth’s atmosphere in small amount. Although it is basically a non-reactive element but still may undergo several chemical reactions like forming a bigger compound or other purposes.

Usage of Xenon in our living:

Element xenon is one of the significant elements that are present in our atmosphere. They are used for multiple purposes and some of them are mentioned herein:

  • This element is being used in numerous types of flash lamps as well as arc lamps for the lighting purposes. Numerous old laser designs have used xenon lamps like pumps. These lamps are also known as light emitting tools or devices, these devices are prominently being used in several photographic flashes and numerous stroboscopic lamps.
  • Several short arcs generally with high pressure lamps are also used in solar stimulators.
  • It is also being used as general anesthetic. Although this is a bit expensive but they are extremely efficient in performance. Anesthesia machines can deliver this element Xenon; they are basically expected to appear in European market due to its features of recovery and recycling.
  • Xenon includes various mechanisms like cardio protection as well as neuroprotection. It works as a highly neuroprotectant which is very beneficial in medical sector.
  • This element can also increase a significant hormone known as erythropoietin. This hormone helps in increasing red blood cells in the body. Well known athletes around the globe are given the dosage of xenon included medicines.
  • This is also very helpful in obtaining the physical organ’s images through Gamma emission from a particular Xenon radioisotope. They are used in imaging the heart, brain and lungs which uses the methodology of computer tomography.
  • This element is also very beneficial in surgeries. It has some specific dermatological uses.

Precautions over the usage of Xenon:

Along with numerous benefits there are certain precautions as well that you must take while consuming this element. Since they are extremely oxidative, it can be toxic as most oxygen and xenon compounds are toxic in nature. They can also be explosive due to its highly exothermic characteristics. This is why you are advised use it under the expert’s supervision.

Hence, xenon is an extremely beneficial compound that is being used since a long time in various fields. It has various benefits in numerous streams, medical is the significant one. With numerous profits, it also has various consequences as well. That’s why you must use it in the presence of an expert or supervisor.

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