Know the Right Price at Which You Sell Instagram Accounts

Know the Right Price at Which You Sell Instagram Accounts

If you want to grow and sell Instagram accounts, which a lot of people and companies do today, it’s important that you know what the right price at which your accounts should be sold. If the price is too low when compared to the standards set by your competitors, you will have to bear a loss. At the same time, if you are putting a price on your account without having any strong reasons to back up, you might not be able to sell it.

People who usually buy Instagram accounts, do it for commercial purposes and not for personal use. It’s very rare that someone will buy an Instagram account for their personal use. This means that your clients will try to research on the price put on an account by you, before buying it. If they get another dealer who is selling a similar account at a cheaper price, you probably will lose that client. So, it’s vital that you know the market value of a particular type of Instagram account before you put a price on it.

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The quality of followers in an account is crucial when it comes to putting a price on an Instagram account. The quality of followers depends on how you get them and how active they are. To sell Instagram accounts at good prices, you need to make sure that your followers are organic. Organic followers are those who are regular people whereas inorganic followers are created with the help of robots or software. There’s no point in buying an Instagram account with inorganic followers because it will nowhere help a person in social media marketing of his brand. Selling Instagram accounts with inorganic followers is cheating your clients and it will ruin the trust of your clients.

As explained in the above paragraph, having an account with active followers can get you more money. This means that you need to encourage your followers to like, comment, tag, and share posts on the Instagram account which you desire to sell. To make sure that this happens, you need to post regularly in the account with interesting and unique photos and videos that target the niche audience. An account that’s not very active will gradually lose its followers and the rate of activity happening in the account declines too. This will force you to reduce the price of your Instagram account.

Try to focus on the niche that has more demand in the market because those are the ones which will get you more money. Growing Instagram accounts is not very easy, but if you’re interested in creating interesting content and you’re smart enough to identify the business aspect in the field, this is a child’s play.

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