Need an SEO Friendly Website? Consider these Interesting Facts

In the world of e-commerce today, the first impression of any business depends on the carefully designed website. A good amount of thought, time and money need to be invested in designing the website. While doing so, paying attention to the design is not enough having Search Engine Optimization for the website is also vital for enhancing visibility of the site and subsequently boosting its rankings.

Today no business owner can do without an SEO friendly website. There are a number of reasons why an enterprise needs to consider website redesigning through SEO.

  • Demands of the market – If the marketing plans have changed then this needs to be communicated to the customers. At such times, a modification in the website is a must to align with the new business strategy.
  • Makes it user friendly – A website that does not give enough information about the product or makes navigation complicated, is certainly not user friendly. Only a visual appeal cannot make a lasting impression on the visitors. It needs to be made easily accessible through modern search engines.
  • Boosts speed – Customers usually shy away from the search links, shopping carts which may be slowing the speed of the site. SEO helps to speed things up.
  • Customer satisfaction – Modifying the website after analysis of the problems and customer needs will retain the existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Competition – The changes in the competitors’ website should not have a negative impact on your business. It may be necessary to modify your own website to keep with the latest trends.
  • Device friendly – The latest features like screen resolution, browsing platforms, etc. enable easy access from any location such as cell phones. The current website may require modification to make it compatible for the same.

How to obtain an SEO friendly website? A quick guide to achieving it is as follows:

  • Use keywords strategically throughout the website. For example design, titles, slogan, file names, tags, footers, etc.
  • Make it accessible on all browsers to engage the target customers. An inaccessible website is a loss of potential customers.
  • Keep the URL short and sweet. It can be descriptive and easy to follow yet have minimum words with simple characters.
  • Include factors associated with social media such as the icons of popular platforms like Facebook. This will keep the interest of the customers alive and also improve the rankings with the search engines.
  • Proper sizing and placement of images that are relevant to the content of the website will aid in superior visibility and heightened rankings. Too large images can hamper the speed of loading of the website. An optimized text and image will add to the visual appeal.
  • Avoid use of java script that may not be suitable for mobile devices making the site difficult to read. Flash should also be used sparingly as it can be a distraction from the main content.

The website structure should be keeping in line with the latest trends in the products or services being offered.  Only a SEO friendly website can be an effective tool to achieve higher business goals desired by every business owner. To make your website SEO friendly, opt for Creaa Designs – Best Web Design and Development Company in Mumbai, India.

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Andy Favell

Andy Favell