Plagiarism Checker: some common misunderstandings regarding plagiarism checking tools


Do you use the plagiarism checker tool? Have you even come across one and wonder how it is functioning? Well, most of the people have misunderstandings regarding the plagiarism checkers. These are the software that are used in order to detect the plagiarism. It is to ensure that the work is not copy pasted from any other source. When you are concerned regarding the uniqueness of a work, you run it through these software.

There are various online Seotools available to you. In order to make the most from them, you need to use them appropriately. There are certain misunderstandings that are roaming around the plagiarism detecting tools. Here we will put some light on them.

Plagiarism checkers automatically identify plagiarism

The plagiarism detecting software do not detect the plagiarism automatically. There is nothing in them that makes the software enable to detect the plagiarism. The only thing it does is to check whether the file in question has some exact matches or some near matches to the database on the internet. So, when you submit the file, it takes the data from it in form of passages and strings and check it to find the match. In case that there is a match, the software will show the site to you. However, the drawback to this is that even if the person has used the quotes or citations, it will still show the match. Ultimately, you being a human should identify whether it is plagiarized or not.

Plagiarism checkers are used by plagiarists

Plagiarists are the people who plagiarize work. The ones who copy and paste content on something from one site to other under their own name. Or the students who copy work from one site and paste it under their name as their research paper to submit it to the professor. Now, most of the people thing that the plagiarism checking software are used by the plagiarists. Whereas, the truth is that these software are made in order to stop the plagiarists from doing plagiarism.

According to the surveys conducting by two big sites, it is found that people mostly check the plagiarism just to have the peace of mind. They want to ensure that the work they are about to submit is of high quality and is acceptable by the publisher or professor.

These tools are not accurate

A lot of people, who mistake the work of plagiarism checkers, think that these are not accurate. For example, a person might have added the sentence in quotes and have taken it from another website. However, it is still occurring in the work. So, why is this happening? Well, as said earlier, the work of a plagiarism checker tool is to identify the match. When you consider this working, the online plagiarism checker tools available to you are accurate and up to the mark when you consider a task. They are there to identify possible matches for the content that you pasted in the query box. And that is what they are doing exactly!

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