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The logo of a company uses symbols, images, flag, signature so as to identify a company or product or the services offered by the company. They are used to identify the company but not used to explain. The meaning of logo is much more than it looks like as it helps in recognizing the company.

The logo must be:

  • Appropriate
  • Distinctive
  • Practical
  • Graphic
  • Simple
  • Convey the message

For the easy recognition the logo must be memorable and versatile and it must be unique. An effective logo must be used in different mediums and various applications. There are many tools used to make logos. To create a logo easily and fast name for the business should be chosen. After that a template will be chosen from the available thousands of free logos. The logo can be customized by making changes in the shape, font, and color.

free logo maker

There are many Advantages of free logo maker that are as follows:

  • There is no need to spend money for logo making as many websites provides very cheap logo making software apps online. You have to download the app to make the logo and it’s very easy in making logo.
  • There is no need of any extra skills or exceptional talent or personal experience in using the software for making the logos for company.
  • Changes can be easily done later
  • The designs can be saved
  • The readymade templates can be used and the person need not require to waste time on brainstorming and in brand creating. There are varieties of templates available and the most appropriate one can be chosen and necessary changes can be done according to requirements.
  • The color, shape, fonts, size can be customized.

Some Disadvantages are there which can be shown as below:

  • As the professional designer make unique logos but in free logo maker there is uniqueness as they are cheap. The professional use their wide knowledge and experience they have gained over a period of time in creating successful brands but the logos created with the help of software will be similar and looks same. The software logos do not match the differently created logos of the professionals.
  • As you don’t have an experience in exceptional designing then you cannot overcome the different looks of the logos created by the professional. The logo will look ordinary due to lack in designing part.
  • All over the world the templates available in the software are also used by various persons by making changes in color, shape, size, font that’s why it will resemble to other company’s logo. The base will remain the same even if the template has been modified by the person.
  • There is lack of originality in the logo design as the logos will the imitated version.
  • The logo can be confused with other logos as they can resemble with the logos of other companies.
  • When the person is using the free logo maker there are issues regarding copyrights.


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