Quick Guide to get Free Instagram Followers

Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts
You will also tell me, “Facebook!” First, remember that Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. Well, what will it bring?When you connect with two accounts, Instagram will offer to follow the accounts of your Facebook friends and vice versa (practical, right?). The “Find friends” option will be beneficial!

In the other direction, this will show your Facebook friends that you are on Instagram and will allow them to follow you. Of course, if that does not work, you can always ask them to follow you directly.

Finally, you can post your photos on both social networks at the same time (saving time!)

Be careful when you duplicate your Instagram posts to Facebook. The overflow of hashtags (indispensable and widely used in Instagram, as we have just seen) is particularly crucial in Facebook. Solution? Go manually, change your Facebook status (in practice, click on the arrow in the upper right corner and then change the publication

Promote your Instagram through other social networks

We cannot repeat it enough, but the principle of social networks is to create communities. Therefore, if you are on several social networks (the most common are Facebook, Twitter or SharePoint), you have already established communities. Why not use it to gain more free Instagram followers?

Feel free to tell them about your presence on Instagram. Your different communities will appreciate your publications on these networks and would like to receive more through Instagram!

Favorite photos of others, yes, but …

As explained above (point 4), you should love the photos of your followers and interact with them to create contact. There is also a classic way to get followers on Instagram: it should attract thousands of pictures per day (we call it mass followers).

However, be careful! It is likely that fans of thousands of photos per day make you appear as a spammer. Also, the fans you win will probably not be as interested as you imagined. Therefore, remember that everything should be in moderation

Try a free trial

What is the idea? Well, yes, anyone can get free followers on Instagram. If you click on Google “free Instagram followers’ trial” on Google, you will find many services and applications that will force you to buy your subscribers. Keep in mind that while this may increase the number of followers in the short term, it will not help in the level of interaction.

Quality, not quantity!

Therefore, do not forget to check your publications regularly and feel free to delete them so that only high-quality photos remain. Nobody wants to follow someone who has hundreds of mixed pictures and has no permanent content. Your photos should be related to what you promise your followers (again and again in the content strategy).

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