Repairing Apple Watch: Motherboard Replacement

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Repairing Apple Watch

With the advancement of technology, came sophisticated devices that made people’s lives easier; however, it also brought in a new fear of accidentally breaking the said sophisticated device, especially if it is a pricey item, like an apple smart watch. That is when people get worried about the service and repair they would need; specifically in cases like where their apple watch motherboard replacement is needed.

If anyone’s apple watch is ever damaged, they can either bring it to their local Apple store or to a generalized store where many brands including Apple are displayed and maintained.

What is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch, in a nutshell, is a mobile with a small and compact display that is in the shape of a watch and has straps attached to it to be worn on the wrist of its user. It is easy to carry and use due to its compact size and easy-to-use touch screen.

apple watch motherboard replacement

Can the motherboard of the watch be repaired in the Apple store?

Most of the repair work of Apple products is not done in the store or shop itself; rather, it is sent to the Apple Repair Centre for better and more specialised repair with care. The repair centre has better service-providing facilities since that is exactly what it is made for.

Motherboard replacement needs both care and precise parts since the motherboard of each device or even smartwatch is unique and to replace that, you would need a spare of the official product.

Can the repair only be done by the Apple store?

Technically, yes. That may be only because, as mentioned earlier, the apple watch motherboard replacement needs the spare parts of another apple watch for the procedure; without it, the repair itself would stand to be impossible.

How long will it take to repair?

Depends on the damage and the availability of the spare motherboard in the Repair Service store.

Will there be a Service charge?

Yes, there will be charges for such replacement until and unless it is covered by warranty, consumer law or the special AppleCare+ service. If it is not covered under any three of them, one would have to pay for the whole motherboard replacement transaction and the service for the repair.

In the end, while sophisticated devices have made would one’s life easier, they have become excessively delicate and complex to repair. Thus, one should take care of their Apple Watches and other sophisticated devices.