Software License Audit. How It Works?

When you work as a network administrator, you are supposed to do loads of things at your job place. For instance, you have to track, fix, and update the network resources like hubs, switches, routers and etc. However, managing the network equipment isn’t your only job duty. Loads of devices may need a special software to operate correctly, and you have also to manage these programs to make the network function correctly.

A software audit is considered to be an essential part of a network management as it’s able to:

  • Guarantee a good management over the programs on the network;
  • Save money;
  • Enhance software spread on the network;
  • Help to escape copyright infringements;
  • Reveal malicious, dated or illegal programs.

This kind of audit may be done either by the internal party (deployment team) or by the outside party (consultants from the outside and firms that specialize in such services). Whether you are a company’s employee or you’ve been hired to audit the software for a particular enterprise, it’s nearly impossible to check all the software on the network manually (even if you work in a team).

The necessity of doing such kind of audit regularly is quite obvious, so administrators and managers of the networks use a special software license audit tool to make this work effectively.

Why Do I need This Tool?

A software tool for license auditing is a software that is set on the network and is able to investigate a network and collect data about licenses. The results of the scanning process are often kept on the central machine and reveal information about date of purchase and expiration of a definite software, end-user license agreements and etc.

The scanning procedure may be done either on the entire network or include only separate areas, IP addresses or Active Directory structures according to a specified timetable.

Additional Benefits of Using Software License Audit Programs

The additional benefits of using such kind of programs may be the following:

  • It saves your time;
  • You get a number of total software control tools like inventory management, full logging, reporting and etc.;
  • You may define the software license audit timetables and don’t let them interfere with the other job tasks;
  • You can record all changes (installation, updates and removal of the packages) done on the network;
  • You get customized record about each software license audit scanning process.

Using special tools for the software license audit seems quite beneficial. Once chosen correctly and suited for the needs of the concrete network, a program designed for investigating software licenses on the network may really ease the life of any network manager, so we highly recommend you to try it and see how it will investigate software licenses in your network.

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