SP Gadgets and Gramin Mounting Kit

SP Gadget Remote Pole

 It will make your clip GoPro® Wi-Fi Remote or Smart Remote in your housing and then you are ready to use the one-hand free telescopic handle filming in this gadget. The Remote Pole of these SP-Gadgets can be extended and elaborated to the following length: 23 Inch: 10, 75-23″ (276-582 mm) and 39 Inch: 13.6–39″ (349-986 mm). You can attach your GoPro camera to it without extra things/parts included. The double-diameter remote grip stands the gadgets remote pole firmly in your hand and makes the grip tight and hence allowing it firmly to use.

 Features of Gadgets Remote Pole

  • This gadget is compatible with these cameras (HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4).
  • Its size extends up to 23″/39″ in length and breadth.
  • It has a good feature of WI-FI Remote and Smart Remote Housing.
  • It can directly attach camera to it as because of its feature of direct attachment.
  • It has a Dual-Diameter and has a Soft-Touch Remote Grip
  • It has a swivel head with 360 degrees.
  • It features an adjustable wrist Strap for a good grip.
  • It is patent pending.
  • GoPro® Camera and Wi-Fi Remote® are not included in this gadget.

Gramin RAM Mounting Kit

 Now you can attach your compatibility device to your bikes to collect the data while your riding you bicycle or motorcycle. It has great/good ability for the multisport workouts. The device will quickly attach it to the mount for a clean transition from all running to riding/biking. This is what Gramin Mounting Kit used for.

 Features that Gramin Mounting Kit offers are:

  • We can mount our device with this Gramin Mounting Kit no matter where we are.
  • It is compatible with these products: Montana 650t, Montana 650, and Montana 600, nüvi® 550, zumo® 220, zumo® 450, zumo® 550 and zumo® 665.
  • No more further features are given by this object.

 SP Gadget POV Light

Nowadays SP-Gadgets have been introduced the most versatile and waterproof LED video light with a GoPro Mounting system. Doesn’t matter if you are under water or in a dark place these gadgets of POV light enables you to take shot or shoot a video in these conditions also.

Features of POV light gadget:

  • Compatible with HERO cameras.
  • Waterproof video light for shooting.
  • It has a feature of multiple lightning modes for different types of environment.
  • It has a wide range of angle of beam.
  • A high ranging GoPro Mounting System.
  • Dual batteries.
  • A USB cable included.
  • An alluminium cooling head.

These are the features that POV light gadgets offer us. Find more gramin mounting kit and motorecycle accesories here bikebandit.com.

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