Take Your Server to the Cloud with iSeries Hosting

Cloud400 is an excellent alternative for users instead of an on premise server. It is part of IBM iSeries Hosting business application software. Most of IBM’s servers are filled with the most popular software such as WebSphere Development Studio as well as support for IBM hardware and software.

With PowerVM, servers are virtualized to provide dedicated Logical Partitions or LPARs. These are designed for IBM’s client tenants on the server so the right memory, storage, and performance can be allocated for the satisfaction of clients. Here are several reasons why Cloud400 is more affordable than on-premise server.

Pay For What You Use

In most servers, performance, memory, and disk increments are standard. In the case of Cloud400, you do not have to pay for those. In reality, 80% of servers in iSeries hosting only require a portion of power to run its legacy applications.

No Need To Pay User Fees

With Cloud400, you do not have to pay for user licenses or processor activation fees required when purchasing a new server. The no payment policy also applies for IBM hardware or software support fees. This also includes service extension fees. Cloud400 can deliver huge savings from extra fees that you do not have to pay.

Get More Benefits

By availing of the Cloud400 service, you do not have to pay additional fees for licensed software. You will be using the IBM licensed software. Aside from that, you servers will be managed by highly skilled IBM i/OS400 fanatics with more two decades of hands-on experience. IBM technicians will also conduct daily backups at no expense to you. Power servers are hosted in a data center equipped with built-in disaster recovery, redundant power and cooling, and thorough security.

Safe And Secured Data Center

Cloud400 is certified, safe, secure, redundant, and managed with best practices. It is hosted on a world-class facility with physical security guards, 3 level electronic pass security, redundant power, redundant cooling, and redundant Internet access. It was built in a former bank vault in the basement of a high-rise office building making it bomb proof.

Encrypted Connections Top Your Users

Clients connect their desktops or laptops to Cloud400 using a securely encrypted point-to-point VPN. It also supports individual remote users, MPLS, and client users who can connect to the system through web portals.

 Expert And Experienced Engineers

Most of the senior engineers working on Cloud400 have been with IBM since 1988 when the first AS400s were launched. They are world class IBM I experts.

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