The Basics You Need to Know to Create a Perfect Blog


The technology has grown in different dimensions now and these technological developments are being put to use at different junctures as per the needs and demands of the people. Blogging is one of the outgrowths of technology which could possibly be used in different areas such as business, online marketing, search engine optimization, advertising and many more. If you are in a similar need, you are most welcome to make of the blogging technology at large. However, if you want to get access to the special features that are attached to blogging, it is very much mandatory for you to create your own blog in the first place. In general, there are a lot of ways with which you can start up with blogging. But then, if you want to know the simple guidelines in connection to how to start a blog in 2017, you just have to read on.

Steps Involved

If you want to create a unique space for your business or any other organization online, then blogging is probably the right option for you. In here, you can put up all the information in connection with the services that you provide so that the digital audience all over the world may take a look at the same. In general, any task is going to be quite simple for you if you form a framework or step by step procedure before putting it into action. This could be applied even in the creation of blogs. The main steps involved in the start up of a blog are listed below and you if you want to know how to start a blog in 2017 you may definitely consider the same.

  • Ø Select the right platform- You need to choose the right platform and create an account with it for you publish your blog. is one of the leading platforms and you may even opt for the other platforms like Blogger or Tumblr if you want to.
  • Ø Choose the domain- Next step is to buy a domain which would be your own for the days to come. If the domain name that you opt for is already taken, you will be provided with many other options and you may choose one from them.
  • Ø Sign up to host account- You need to get signed up on to a host account so as to make your domain go live. Blue host is one of the most reputed hosting platforms and you may sign up to the same.
  • Ø Page design- When the above mentioned steps are done, you can take full control over your blog. There are various special projections with which you can customize your blog. There are a lot of themes and templates that are absolutely free for use.
  • Ø Submission- Once your blog goes live, the last step for you is to submit your blog to the famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so that it can be taken to the notice of the people.

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