Like other aspects of the Internet, web designing too is witnessing changes – some subtle and some not so, in its quest to adapt to the changing dynamics of end user behavioral patterns. As an increasing number of websites has virtually swamped the digital superhighway in possibly every domain, competition to get customers’ eyeballs is immense. In fact, for companies getting customers’ eyeballs has become the proverbial Holy Grail that determines their eventual success or failure. Gone are the days when a well designed website would suffice to mark the presence of a company on the Internet or when the website would be merely an adjunct to the other important functions of a company. Given customers’ preference for e-commerce or their increasing dependence on the Internet for seeking information, websites have become the all important lynchpin for companies.Websites on their part have evolved through the years as well by keeping the market dynamics such as increased mobile penetration, platform agnostic viewing, broadband availability, and technical requirements for search engine optimization. In fact, the impact of the latter has been probably the maximum, for every company worth its salt wants its website to feature in the top rung of any search page listing. Task is indeed cut out for web designers including those from any website design company in Delhi to incorporate the latest changes that are doing the rounds in the domain. The trends are given as under:

Let the content speak for itself: The overpowering competition on the Internet has brought about a realization that fancy embellishments in the layout have the potential to act as distractions, which one can do without. Customers are mostly interested in the content and the way it is presented rather than the outward design of a website. In fact, embellishments can prevent a site from being downloaded faster, thus adding to the discomfiture factor for a customer. Thus, minimalistic or flat design templates have become the order of the day where the focus is on presenting content in an intuitive and presentable manner.

Designer to take the lead: Although designers and developers often overlap each others’ function, the website’s goal of attracting customers’ eyeballs has meant designers take the front seat. Also, given the methodology of Agile and DevOps in the overall software development life cycle, designers and developers ought to collaborate and communicate in a better way. It’s no longer the case of designers passing static or dynamic design templates to the developers to incorporate but rather feeding off each other to arrive at the best possible layout. This evolving dynamics of web design cum development has caught up with companies including one of the best website design companies in Delhi.

Bold is beautiful: When content has become the ultimate king the focus is on making a statement that captures customers’ attention. In fact, designers from any website design company in Delhi more or less follow this trend whereby a significant portion of the web layout is dedicated to a single statement that captures the ethos and purpose of the site. Here, bold is not necessarily a bold typeface but the statement that boldly declares the intent of the website.

Color contrast: Following into the practice of creating bold statements is the play of colors to highlight the same. As opposed to the earlier style of showcasing interplay of many colors, now it’s all about providing minimalistic looks. And what better way to use contrasting colors and gradients to juxtapose the text and other navigational tools for better visibility.

In addition to the above mentioned techniques, others such as ‘boxy’ designs showing an overlap of graphics and text, customized content, and intuitive navigation among others mark the trends in the domain of web design.


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Andy Favell

Andy Favell