The Many Uses of Heat Exchangers Explained

flat plate heat exchanger

If you would take a look inside your home, you will realize that there are a lot of appliances that uses heat exchangers around you. They may use different types of exchangers. One appliance may use a flat plate heat exchanger while there may also be some that use the more traditional type of exchangers. It will depend on the type of appliance that you have. If you think that the exchanger is only used at home then you are mistaken. A lot of commercial buildings also use heat exchangers in order to heat up and cool down certain areas of the building.

If you are a bit confused with how the heat exchange happens, remember that it usually starts with the removal of the heat inside a room. Let us use the air conditioning unit as an example. The air-con unit normally removes the hot air inside the room and brings the hot air outside. The inside portion will then be replaced will cool air. This is the reason why an airconditioned room is always colder than a non-airconditioned room.

For industries and factories, the heat is not carried out in liquid form. The heat is normally removed through gases and this is not very energy efficient. When heat exchangers started being used, the heat that is removed from certain areas are utilized into various forms of energy so that they will not be eliminated entirely. Through heat exchangers, fluids are recycled properly.

flat plate heat exchanger

A lot of people do not know that even automobiles make use of heat exchangers. The air conditioning unit of your car is one example. You know that it will not work without the radiator, right? Once again, the air that is inside your car will be sucked in by the air exchanger. The heat will be replaced with cool air so you will feel more comfortable inside the car. If your airconditoning unit does not work, you will feel hot and uncomfortable. This is not something that you want to experience especially if you want to look fresh. Your whole car is actually affected when your car radiator does not work because it will make the engine work harder. This can lead to an engine breakdown.

If you want to invest on an item that you can use around your home that you do not have yet, you may want to consider having an energy efficient shower installed. When your water is heated, this takes up a lot of energy. The energy efficient shower will make sure that the water will go through the right heat exchanger that will separate the dirty and the clean water. The heat from the water will be picked up so less energy will be used to heat your clean water. If you want to know more about heat exchangers in general, you can contact AIC heat exchanger Canada for more details.

It will be wise to get to know the different types of heat exchangers available. This will allow you to pick the right units and appliances that you are going to have at home. With the right exchangers, you can have very useful items that will not be hard to use.

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