The Three Important Aspects Of Security

The Three Important Aspects Of Security

The three most basic concepts of security come down to- identification, authentication, and authorization. While these are three very basic terms, people have a lot of confusion surrounding it. In fact, the names themselves seem so confusing that people use them interchangeably a lot of times. Here’s what to know about these three terms in an individual and exclusive manner.

  1. Identification

Identification is as simple as claiming you are someone. Your name is your identity. Similarly, in different situations, different things can act as your unique identity. For example, in a classroom, your enrolment number can be your identity, as an athlete, your jersey number can be your identity. Whatever it is, it help people know who you are and identify you correctly. Similarly, when we talk in terms of security world, you actually give your username to verify it is you, or verify your identity. Every person would have an identity using which he or she completes the very first step in terms of security.


  1. Authentication

This is the second factor or second step that follows identification. While identity is one thing, authentication is an additional step to prove your identity is correct just as mentioned by you. For instance, when you type in your username, you prove it by entering the correct password. This helps in confirming that you are the exact person who is claiming to be the person. In general terms, when a traffic police stops you while driving, you show your driver’s licence to give a proof that you are so and so. When this process is completed, you have not just claimed to be someone, you have also provided needed evidence of who you are.

  1. Authorization

Now, while identification and authentication are two process that are initiated and completed by you, you wait for the other end to authorize what you have mentioned. For example, when someone knocks the door, you ask who that person is. When the person tells his name, you ask the person to stand right in front of the door so that you can look at that person from the peephole. When the person stands in front of the door, he completes the process of authentication. However, matching the identification and authentication and deciding to let the person in is something that you are supposed to do.

Similarly, when you give your fingerprint at the door, the device recognises your fingerprint by matching it with the existing information it has. Once it does that, it gives the command to the door to open and let you in.

These are the three basic factors in security. They are as easy as they look and have nothing to confuse about. To know more about security, please visit

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