The Underrated Mod Game Called Cube World

Cube World Free Games

Cube world is an open world mod that pretty much resembles one of the most popular in its category. It’s even safe to say that its one of the most underrated ones. It was created because of the hype of these pixelated characters, but unlike any hyped game that was just developed for profit, the game is actually pretty legit as far as everything about the game is concerned. You won’t be seeing this game in popular gaming pages since the game it out of topic for the most part.

Why is it out of topic? This is because the game developers haven’t been very active in updating the game. The last update that it received was way-way back in the second half of 2017. That’s long and that’s perfectly understandable because as far as many people know, the game developing company that made Cube world only consists of two people that are expected to continuously make the open world more open and rich with content.

Its an RPG with freedom: When you start the game, you only have two options, either you start making your character and class or exit the game. After that, you start the game! You’ve not greeted with a welcoming party for a quest, you just go out to the open world and start your adventure. Sure that might seem like a very boring description and not a really “helpful-friendly” game, but that’s actually a refreshing thing that some people are looking for. Cube world free world will surely not disappoint you.Cube World Free Games

It’s as open as they come: The game pretty much sends you off on your own without any guides, but other than that, it has the usual things that an RPG has. You find a challenging opponent, you go on a quest, you upgrade your skills, stats., weapons in order to defeat the opponent and repeat. There are so many things that you can do in the game from trying out various classes, defeating bosses and upgrades. One of the best things that many people are constantly drawn to it is the massive world hat it has.

It still has a ton of potential: There have been many promises that have been made for the game like bigger worlds, more bosses, new classes, new weapons and so on, but as mentioned, with a game development company that only has two passionate people, it will take awhile. But judging on what they have with Cube world, they are indeed on the right path and has a ton of potential.

In its class, Cube world is probably one of the top tier games in its class, the only problem is that its full of potential right now and the updates are very slow. This is pretty much expected from the game, but even so, the game will not disappoint any gamers that want to try out the game. The concept might be simple, but because the world is pretty massive, you can expect that you will spend a good amount of time on it. If you wish to know more, read the full info here.

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