Time Matters – Technology Solutions To Monitor Employee Performance

In today’s highly pressured world, Time is perhaps ‘the’ most valuable asset. Buzz words like targets, goals and deliverables define all businesses across the globe, irrespective of their nature or philosophy.No wonder therefore, organizations are increasingly turning to technology to measure employee performance and efficiency. The race is to get more done in lesser time than ever before. This is where free time clock app comes into picture.

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Time tracking, simply put, is the measurement and documentation of the hours worked by employees on a given task or project, be it individually or in groups. Over time, laborious manual time sheets and spreadsheets have given way to technology solutions that now enable thebusiness to know whether or not its employees are performing or adding value. The utility of time-tracking tools has gained acceptance so widely that it is considered integral to any business process, big or small. While its spin-offs to the employer and employee are not contested, another point of view is that such monitoring solutions are invasive and violate privacy. To arrive at an objective opinion, therefore, let us look at what time tracking solutions basically enable. Simple-to-use time tracking apps and project integrated tracking solutionsnot only give feedback to the employee about his effective work hours’vis-à-vis scheduled hours.It alsohelps to generate claims, reports, receive prompt payments through its linkages to the payroll and prove on record, an employee’s efficiency or shortcomings in terms of time management and strengths. Weak links in any team as well as under-utilized or super-efficient staffers also get similarly identified in a rather transparent manner.

Should businesses track employees’ time?

Is employee time tracking solutions then, a good tool? Can they be declared as effective or not? Psychologically speaking, simply being aware that his work output is being tracked would deter an employee from wasting time and instead spur him to stay focused and provide better performance. For a team, the record of time efficiently spent is a great booster and proof of improved collaboration and communication among stakeholders. For the organization, it would bring in more transparent andaccurate billing and thereby smoother client relationships. This translates into improved project management andproductivity gains that are bound to be huge as inefficient workflows and overstaffing gets identified.

A time tracking application with the free time clock app  is therefore the most objective tool to measure performance, be it at the employee or at the organizational level. It is a great motivator to every member of an organization to stay focused and spend time productively. As is commonly said, any job generally takes longer than is originally estimated.

The verdict, and an increasingly loud one at that, is a definite YES. The use of such tools has spurred productivity at the employee and organizational levels by bringing in more accountability at all levels. Rather than considering it as a ‘’Big Brother,” it is necessary to integrate its use into core business processes as a tool to boost employee morale and efficiency. By highlighting each employee’s strengths and capabilities, it can help in finding the right fit for any job vis-à-vis priorities.


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Andy Favell

Andy Favell