parental control apps

Parental control software : Let me tell you what it is exactly ?

With the increasing Technology and rise of innovative electronic devices like smartphone, Tablet and PC, parental control software is a strong weapon to ensure your kid’s life safer. Moreover, it can be an awesome tool to ensure your kids working with their internet-enabled devices such as a laptop, Tablet, and phone on their studies rather than a conversation with unknown strangers without the knowledge of their parents.

Nowadays there a ton of quality parental control software available on the internet world.some of them may be having limited versions or you need to get pro version to access advanced features here at This kid’s monitoring software lets you enable and disable access to the specific website and blocking useless or inappropriate applications. Before picking up this software you should have a crystal clear idea why you need exactly and what result you expect to get.


Salfeld is one of the advanced tools to monitor your kid’s internet usage. This genuine software is backed by a most advanced tool and has very friendly interface But it comes with limited functions. If you need to monitor your kid’s activity with calls.text messages, chat conversations then Salfeld can be a cup of coffee for you.

parental control apps


  • Time controls

Salfield lets parents the ability to make their own schedule on the internet access for their kids.Moreover, you can specify time limit also.

  • Internet experience

This software allows parents to establish what is to be permissible and what is to be forbidden in the internet world.

  • Website blocking

This advanced formula provides the opportunity to block unwanted websites.Moreover, parents can apply time restriction to them, thus ensuring kid’s safety from too much gaming or chatting.

Net Nanny

It is one of the most advanced and user-friendly software existing today.It can provide a complete view of what your kids doing in their internet world.Moreover, it has filtering capabilities and sophisticated blocking tools ensure preventing your kids from watching any harmful or age-inappropriate content like violence, weapons, gambling, chatting and pornography.


  • Mask profanity

This amazing feature can mask profanity, thus allowing kids to view only unique sites.As a parent, you probably know to mask and block unwanted websites.

  • Social media monitoring

This tool lets parents monitor social networking websites and its related activities.This ensures protecting your kids from sharing sexually suggestive messages, aggressive dangers, and other inline dangers.

  • Track applications

This tool is able to track social media apps like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin,  Whatsapp, Instagram, skype and much more.


This parental control tool is not as easy-to-use as Mspy.It just a good alternative.It comes with ultimate app management and provides you detailed call or text logs.Besides, it can easily be utilized for websites masking.If you concerned that your kids spend too much of time in online, this tracking tool will be a good weapon.


  • SMS and call logs

Qustodio lets parents the ability to view their kid’s browser history and can read their text messages as well as blocking unwanted contact. This tracking app monitors kid’s browsing history and lets parents to block every site they visit.


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