Top SEO Trends That Boost The SEO Rankings In 2018


With top search engines such as the Google, keep on updating its algorithm every now and then, Search Engine Optimisation is unarguably is a complex science, which is redefining the digital world. Search Engine Optimisation is a challenging art that calls for years of experience and in-depth expertise to achieve great results. However, the latest SEO trends are a game changer, and here, in this post; we have rounded up Search Engine Optimisation trends you must try in 2018:

New SERP Features-

If you think the first rank organic ranking is the means to welcome good traffic to your website, then, you stuck in the old SEO suites, today, the latest SERP features are stealing the show. These features include the featured snippets, the local packs, and the knowledge panels, and much more. They all are redefining the popular belief of organic ranking to obtain traffic. However, benefits the best use of the SERP attributes is not everyone’s cup of tea, Freelance SEO consultants or similar professionals with tons of experience under the belt can help you stay on pace with the trends.

Structured Data

Structured data in 2018 is a red-hot trend, the motive of this SEO attribute is to tell the top search engines such as the Bing, the Google how the content of the website should be interrupted, and how it will be displayed on the SERP result pages. Though Google never official affirm that structured data is a part of SEO ranking, Freelance SEO consultants or others worldwide believe, this is a factor in 2018 that cannot be overlooked.

Speed Is The Key

In 2018, survival of the fastest is a vital Search Engine Optimisation factor. Nowadays, internet users don’t have enough time for your website to load, if your webpage welcomes them in 3 to 5 seconds, then, it is fine, otherwise, they will move to your rivals. Therefore, it is important that the loading time of your website on several platforms should be as little as possible. Moreover, Google also complements the efforts done by people at the backend to boost loading speed with higher rankings on SERP pages.

Voice Search

In the recent years, the voice search feature is getting quite popular, from smart T.V. to mobile phones. A recent report by the Google revealed that the today, 40 % of adults and 55% of young are using the voice search to do their browsing work. Voice search is slightly different from convection internet search; here you have to carefully select a set of keywords. Thereby, it is best to rope in a competent SEO specialist to manage this job for you.

Elect The Right SEO Company

If you want good, long-term SEO results, then, you are required to contract a search engine optimisation agency you can obtain the results you wished.

At the end of it all, besides these trends, there are several other trends. These include the content rich web pages, upgradation to HTTPS, Social media monitoring, and many more.

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