Top Tips to Improve Website UX

Website UX

Driving traffic to website is one of the main goals many will focus on, while creating websites. Only a few focus on enhancing the duration of time a visitor stays on the website.

Staying longer on your website would mean learning more about your business and engaging with whatever you are offering. The only thing that can make this happen is your website’s UX or user experience. Here are a few things you might have to work on if you want to create an exceptional UX on your website:

Design with the users in mind

Unless you determine your target audience and assess their needs and expectations, you cannot expect to create a website that enhances their experience. If need be you should be ready to change the structure of your site as per the feedback of your users.

Website UX

Less is more

An 8-second attention span is all that users have today, when it comes to browsing through websites. This is all you have to lure them in. So make sure you include only the most important details about your business on the home page of your website. For all the other content you can add anchors and links to the inner pages of your website.

Focus on the Flow

Proper structure and framework is very important if you want the flow of your website to make sense to your users. Make it as convenient as possible for users to find what they came looking for. The navigation should be clear and easy.

Add more of visuals

High-quality images that are eye-catching can do a lot to drive your visitors towards the useful information you want them to read on your website. Pictures can keep your audience interested and focused. After all, a picture is really worth a thousand words.

Keep your text clear

Content is the king when it comes to increasing the UX factor of your website. That said you have to make sure the content you include is clear and readable. Limit the types of fonts you use to three or less. Make use of graphical bullet points wherever possible.

Make navigation simpler

If you don’t want a visitor to get lost on your website, you have to make sure you keep your navigation bar, clear, visible and easy to explore. Make sure the visitor is brought back to your homepage by clicking on your logo.

Apart from the above things, it is also important to ensure that your website appears well on all browsers that a user might use. Cross-browser compatibility might take a while; but at the end it will all be worth your time and efforts. Don’t give up until you achieve excellent website UX.

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