Types of Fakers and the techniques of using Fake Ids

Faking IDs now – a – days a common crime done by many civilians worldwide. Even in the world of strict securities people can make a fake IDs with the help of some connections. Fake ID makers have developed their bond in and with many countries.

Simply fake IDs are made by the laser printer or inject to print a replica document. It is then laminated to resemble into a real ID card.

  • Types :-

A fake ID card or fake Identity Document is nearly impossible to differentiate from a real ID cards. To identify a fake ID card is not a cup of tea until a person holds a years of experience in this market. There are many types of fake ID cards such as school ID, driver’s license, birth certificates, voter ID card, etc which is issued by the government and passports that are used to escape or avoid restrictions on entry into a particular country. To make a replica ID has become more difficult as the modern IDs contain various kinds of security features that require specialized and expensive impedimenta to fake or copy.

  • Requirements:-

Modern ID cards requires a photo of the authorised user, a simple and effective form of biometric identification. It also possess barcodes which allow fast credentials for checking low security applications. Barcodes also contain other extra information on the card.

  • Advantages:-

There can be a few advantages of a fake ID card. Suppose if someone wants to celebrate a birthday party or any kind of occasion in a bar or a restaurant, disco, club, etc he/ she can fake an ID card to get entry into that particular place where there is an age restriction. So in this case fake ID maker can bring a smile to that person’s face.Also fake IDs are useful in cinema halls too. If there is an adult film going on in the theatre, they ask for an identity document. So, in short we can say that having a fake ID will allow you to take short cuts.

  • Disadvantages:-

Though there are many advantages of having a fake ID, it also possess some drawbacks. There are several drawbacks to be caught with a fake ID. If you get caught using a fake ID card, a penalty of an extension of your provisional licence for an extra 6 months. The licensee   or their staff members can snatch your ID if they think it is a fake ID and will hand it along to police for inspection of the ID card. If you are above 18 years, a record will be there with the police for using a fake ID card which may spoil or ruin your life as it is an offence. It is also an embarrassment to get caught. So making a fake ID has both positive and negative impacts.

  • Conclusion:-

Hence, we have seen that there are many pros and cons of making or purchasing a fake ID. Though there are so much of security features, fake IDs are still made. The penalty for fake ID is 7 years of imprisonment.

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Andy Favell

Andy Favell