Types of SEO Content


SEO is a great way of making your website more popular and easily accessible to the audience. If you have a website, you should invest in SEO techniques as it would be better for your web page. However, there are different types of SEO methodsyou can choose from. These are all different from each other and serve a particular topic. Seniseo could give you more information on this. The content in SEO could include any one of the following.

Product Pages

Every retail e-commerce site uses these SEO content for their business. It’s very common among the retailers. A good SEO helps in making the product page better and easier for the customers to search for by providing a few important keywords.

Blog Post

If you want to create a regular stream of SEO content, then blog posts are some of the easiest ways to do so. In the case of blogs, more often than not, the content is gripping, exciting and more engaging than others. This keeps the audience and readers intact and higher is the chance for the users to remain on your site. As compared to other product pages, blogs attract more links than the others. Blogs are usually flexible and you can use them to the building authority for your website.


Guides are a general piece of content which explains the details of doing something. It may be anything ranging from simple household works or crafts to industrial works. Guides are divided into further subparts or web pages. These are good ways to make your readers view long content on a single page. You can either post excerpts or a summary of your guide. You could also ask the visitors to fill out the registration form in order to to read the full guide. This is a good way of generating leads. However, this could also result in less SEO traffic to the guide.


Videos are also present on the web pagesbut they are less in number as compared to other text pages. According to some SEO experts, video submission with links in the description is a much better and easier way to get the website ranked on the 1st page of Google for a particular keyword.Videos are a great way of attracting an audience and reaching out to the masses. Videos are sure to attract more viewers. A video which is good to the eye can also spread wide. It’s better if you could make a tutorial or videos related to the products on your website.


All the SEO techniques are not the same. They differ from each other based on the need for them. Each type of SEO has got its own purpose. So, you need to choose them according to your webpage and the content in it.

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