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Ways to keep scam calls away

Mobile phones and smartphones have become an inseparable part of life. With all their benefits come their perils as well. While we enjoy calls from loved ones, scam calls are never too behind. We all want to avoid scam calls, some of which can be very convincing. However, it isn’t all that easy especially when scammers are getting as smart as smartphones.

It’s not like in the olden days. Scammers today pose as IRS officials, health benefactors, lottery agents, charitable trusts and what not. Some even take to threats and abuses to get you into action. So, in order to combat them, here are a few ways to keep you alert.

1- Ask for their details

The best way to get scammers to falter is to ask for their details first. Some scammers are smart and might have fake details ready for you. However, never give away your details. Promise to call them back and check caller details first. You can do so easily over the net.

2- Don’t ever give out personal information

As mentioned earlier, never give away your personal information to strangers no matter how genuine they may sound. Many a time, scammers pose as government officials. Remember that officials would rather come to your door than take information over a call, so stay alert.

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3- Call officials

If the scammer is posing as a government official, verify his identity with the concerned authorities. Most government organizations have easily accessible official numbers. Get their numbers and check with the authorities if what you are being notified with is true.

4- Don’t donate

By ‘Don’t donate’, we mean don’t donate over the phone. Your donations will likely be wasted by a person instead of being for a cause. If you wish to donate, do so to a renown charity organization and do it personally.

5- No to unknown numbers

As a general rule, try not to receive phone calls from unknown numbers. The people who matter to you are likely in your contact list. Why take the risk of picking up a phone call that may drain you instead.

6- Find out who called

If you really want to receive the call, make sure to check caller credentials first. Many websites nowadays assist people in finding out caller identity and details. If it is someone you know, it will be easy for you to find caller details.

Scammers make a lot of money out of naive people. It’s time we start combating them. Make sure you stay alert and alert others to the possible scams, after all, education is power. Report the scams, reduce the scams and stay one step ahead of the scammers.

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Andy Favell

Andy Favell