Web Design – Five Simple Steps to Follow

A web designer not just designs the website; he is aiming at increasing the success of the business by using the right technology and creative skills to ensure that he holds the customer and gets the desired action. A good web designer uses his skills and technology to design and deliver a website that suits the customer’s need and meet your requirements too. Hence, a web designer also ought to know the marketing skills, experience and expertise to grab the customer’s attention and convert it into business, just like how design agency NewCastle works.

Web designing:

A good web developer ensures to meet the customer’s needs while prioritizing the client’s requirements. So, how does a web designer work? Here are some steps followed by him:

Steps followed by a Web designer:

  1. While starting a new project, there is a need for discussion, to understand the needs of the client and the purpose of the website. At this stage you may also try to understand the audience, product and business goals so as to deliver the website as per the client’s requirements.
  2. Once you have the discussion done, you need to begin your research on product, target audience, competitors, marketing skills etc. This will help you understanding the market, which is actually the idea. You can even check the inspiring sites to get details and ideas of how the competitors and other players in the market are behaving to engage the user. With this, you can determine a strategy that would work for you. This will give you an edge to equip yourself with the information on the market and help you to use the latest technology to get there.
  3. By now, you must have gathered a lot of information and should be ready to pen it down. So, as you have the details of the project, you can start by designing and putting things together. Start by developing the idea on a paper and then you can take it on the computer. Have a single draft rather than a couple of them so that you know what is happening with the design. This step should go flawless. Design the website completely and get a signoff before taking the whole thing online.
  4. Once you clear this stage, you can start building the site in HTML version which is compatible in all types of browsers. Do keep SEO in mind as you do this. Use the right keywords, tags, titles etc. to get an advantage. Using the correct technical traits and SEO tips, develop the site keeping the requirement in mind. Do not try things like XHTML or CSS as they are not compatible with all browsers.
  5. The final step to analyze, test and launch the website. A continuous monitoring for few days is required to check if the site is functioning smoothly. Keep analyzing if any other things are required and work on them. If the site is an ecommerce one, then do remember to check the payment options. Once you are sure that everything is fine, you can launch the website. At design agency NewCastle we develop and designs websites as per the client’s requirements.

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