Web Design Trends – Businesses Have to Consider


There’re many website design trends, which have started to make the impression on internet. For such reason, cool examples of these trends are used. Know more about these trends, and how businesses can benefit them in the WordPress designs.

Rebellious Typography Choices

First, this is about header text & nothing else. Rules that are established with legibility of the standard test must be followed always. With this being said, the header text mainly at an upper part of the home page is totally different. There are some major changes in a way the header text will be styled. It can become

  • Transparent
  • Bolder
  • Strangely deformed
  • Oddly spaced
  • Randomly placed


The users have actually gone through enough of training to know the way web sites work like:

  • Scrolling down the web page and continue reading
  • Clicking flat and colored buttons for getting extra information
  • Using top navigation for locating many other pages

With fundamental principles, the designers now can experiment with the grids & layouts with use of the unforeseen changes, and asymmetrical balance as way to astonish & captivate users throughout the journey.

Vivid Color

Earlier Google came up with Material Design, and it pushed limits of things that designers can do up on that point, mainly in the terms of color. Because of success of the Material Design and things that it has allowed the designers to achieve in vibrant colors is the controlled setting; the designers are provided the approval stamp to do experimentation this year. The vibrant color schemes can probably be a tamest part of this trend. There are more experiments in presence of gradients, double exposure and photo saturation.

Micro Interactions

Bold and big animation isn’t always necessary. It is mainly true nowadays, as typefaces and colors have become much bolder and also have gone against the safer and traditional norms. In such place, we will see more of the micro interactions. Thus, designers can use the animation as reward for the users who engage with the websites. In place of constantly throwing the movement at visitors, the slight touch may surprise and please the visitors when they engage with very less visible elements on their website. So, it is very important that you take help of the professional at Impossibile trovare l’indirizzo dns del server to have an amazing website design.

Experimental Video and Animation

Video and animation are the additional ways in which the web designers can change the design, however not in ways that we’ve seen this being used in past. The demonstration videos, and scroll-triggered animations may always be around, there are more experimentation on the video usage by particle backgrounds, virtual or augmented realities, animated thumbnail images and cinema graphs.

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