Web Hosting Security – What You Need to Know


Your web site could be a representative of your company. The importance of your website is such, that if it’s tough to access or opens slowly, it impacts your believability and sales. you’re hoping on another company for its services and entrusting then along with your necessary data.

Advantages of selecting Hosting Raja

  • We give higher speed to access/open your web site
  • We give uninterrupted service
  • We provide around the clock password-protected ftp access to your website.
  • We guarantee integrity and security of your website.
  • We monitor each the server and net connections
  • We have an outsized backup facility
  • Your websites square measure hosted on high performance servers
  • Virus and spam filtering service guaranteeing secure group action
  • We have over a decade of providing service during this field.


Uninterrupted power and UPS

Access to the servers is tightly controlled and our technical workers monitor your web site around the clock. Our clients’ websites haven’t fallen prey to hacking or viruses. we tend to square measure there for you, whether or not wish would like to launch netsit, an internet site otherwise you want secure web hosting services. we provide you to form the foremost of you investment, our client support is courteous and accessible and that we give you the speed or area you need.

Hosting Raja assures that the servers square measure freed from any adult-sites and implements a strict policy of motion down violating sites like a shot while not refunds. the e-mail system provided is supplied with spam and virus filters. The servers square measure unbroken in secure, climate-controlled business communications And information center facilities that have provisions for diesel generator back-up for an uninterrupted power provide. We tend to make sure the protection of web site and email information by creating back-ups daily and weekly. Files are duplicated onsite or offsite on a special server in an exceedingly secure directory so the recovery of necessary information is quick. to boot, the corporate uses low-risk programs that don’t compromise on server security.

Secure Hosting Bharat

SSH(Secure Shell), SCP (Secure Copy) or SFTP (Secure FTP), and supply secure webmail access to their customer’s email accounts.

Essentials of a Secured internet Hosting

This week has seen plenty of shock over joined of the purported suppliers within the web hosting trade did not keep its security guarantees. As a result the lakhs of shoppers suffered as servers were down. variety of sad and distressed webmasters were seen tweeting regarding the network security failure.

This is a classic example of substandard security being provided for the customer’s websites. web site homeowners square measure underneath the constant threat of being hacked. we tend to square measure of the opinion that as long as your servers square measure sturdy and guarded against hackers, you don’t ought to worry regarding something. Hosting Raja assures all its customers of highest levels of internet security to form certain that nothing goes wrong, ever.

Web hosting security is a thought that’s the foremost misunderstood and neglected particularly by the web site homeowners World Health Organization lack the technological experience. A astonishingly giant section of web site homeowners fail to understand the importance of employing a secure hosting answer. what’s worse is that a lot of fail to use even the foremost basic countermeasures like exploitation complicated, non-default passwords and fix applications on an everyday basis. the foremost necessary facet is to pick out a secure internet hosting supplier World Health Organization won’t treat your web site as simply another set of codes on its server.

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