What Are The Essential Features Your Website Must Have?

In today’s world, getting a website online is not enough. It has to be user-friendly and SEO-friendly. To achieve these properties, the web design has to be according to some standards and they are not solely dependent on the content. It is the responsibility of a web designer to design the website so that it can impress the users for better engagement as well as the search engine crawlers for better ranking. Oldman is one of the best web design Singapore companies with vast experience to design websites that can rank high on search engines rich in features, and tailor-made for targeted audiences.

The Must-Have Properties Of A Website –

Mobile-First –

Most of the search engine ranking algorithms have given more priority to mobile-first design. Therefore, your website must be tailor-made for mobile users first and then for desktop users. In other words, your website must be optimized flawlessly for mobile browsers irrespective of the screen size. The website design has to be fully responsive to adjust to all screen sizes effortlessly.

Usability –

It is needless to say that the website must have minimalist design approach so that there could be clear navigation ways in everything for the users to move across the website effortlessly. Too many graphics and inconsistent designs in every webpage will confuse them. Furthermore, it will increase the loading speed and users hate to wait for a website to load for ages. The colors must be contrasting and all the texts must be visible clearly.

Thorough Testing –

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Once a website design is completed, before it can go live, the website must be tested on all possible devices thoroughly so that minor errors and bugs can be fixed. It is this lack of testing facility by amateur web designers that create a bad first impression on the targeted audiences and they never come back to your website even if you offer huge incentives. Therefore, it is important to hire quality web design Singapore companies like Oldman to rest assured that every aspect will be taken care of.

Browser-independent –

There are many websites that are optimized for one popular browser but when users open the site in another browser, the website’s design elements get totally messed up. That is why it, it is the responsibility of the web designer to optimize the design elements for all popular browsers so that it appears consistently no matter from which browser the site is opened.

Security –

Security has become a priority in today’s digital world. If the website is based on e-commerce, then security has to be flawless. All the transactions must be done through SSL encryption and there should be a constant scanning of online users to detect suspicious activities and blocking them from time to time. If the security is compromised, the owner must be informed automatically and the site must be brought down for fixing the security issues immediately.

Furthermore, the website must have provisions to have all the required web pages so that search engine crawlers can understand your website better and rank higher. There should also be options for social media integration, contact information and

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