What are the Exciting Features of Whatsapp Spy NetSpy?

What are the Exciting Features of Whatsapp Spy NetSpy

Today, there is the number of applications available that is used by the billions of people to connect. Whatsapp is one such most incredible application that has achieved the title of popular messaging applications. Whatsapp is the most popular applications which are performed various tasks like calling, messaging, shared videos and photos, and more. But, most of the time people are caring for someone’s like their spouse, children, partner and other. Almost every smartphone user has WhatsApp on their devices and gets their incredible features. There is no need to ask why it is so popular. However, its popularity and overuse are increasing day by day in business, among teens and adults that is posing a threat to them. But it’s not the fault of application, but the way to use it responsible for the threats. If you want to know how to hack WhatsApp account, then you can consider the NetSpy app.

NetSpy software is specially designed to monitor all the activities of the host device. In short, you can say about the spy app is much secured and perform its operations of the monitoring secretly. With this app, people can get all the access to monitoring. With this application, it is compatible with various kinds of devices such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phones. If you might think about to know about how to hack Whatsapp account, then it has various features that are discussed in the below.

how to hack WhatsApp

  • Tracking location: NetSpy can provide the most incredible and perfect features to track the exact location where the mobile user is. Location of the targeted device will be traced along with the latitude and longitude to inform you without knowing them.
  • Spying messages: Through NetSpy, you can also read various social media messages such as Facebook messages, tweets made on Twitter, text messages, etc. It is the perfect applications for sending messages then you are informed.
  • Recording calls: Call recording is the main features of using the NetSpy in your device. You can easily listen to every call made by the center. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded when you instruct the NetSpy to records the call.
  • Media files: Whatsapp is the most popular application which allows to user to share photos and they automatically save when the user clicks on them. Therefore, NetSpy informs you whenever the person receives the multimedia files on WhatsApp.
  • Browser history: In the case of when a person uses Whatsapp web version, NetSpy will tell you about this by sharing the browser history. History of the browser will be easily transferred directly to the panel which you can access the NetSpy account.

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