Why is SEO Important in Digital Marketing?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key word in digital marketing. If you are selling Product X then you will want customers on your site who are actually looking for Product X and not Y. The use of right words and images through SEO brings the right traffic on the site. This is what SEO does. It helps you find the webpage easily on the search engines. INeedSocial – SEO agency in London helps you use SEO in the best way for your business. Let us checkout why SEO is important in digital marketing.

Get Better Search Engine Ranking

This is one of the prime reasons why SEO is a must in digital marketing. Almost every search engine showcases top 10 searches on its first page. If the website must appear in the top 10 searches then it must use the most searched keywords, more links etc. following the SEO rules. Another reason why appearing in the top 10 searches is important is, users consider these sites as authentic. The higher is the visibility of the content in the search engines, the better are the chances of digital marketing success.

Improve Website Accessibility

Good SEO practices can also help to improve user accessibility. SEO services London helps you follow the best SEO guidelines which can make the website easier to access. SEO offers a checklist which must be followed before publishing any content. This makes it easier to maintain a large website. If users are happy accessing the site, the bounce rates of the website reduce. As SEO improves user accessibility on the website, the risks of negative feedback also reduce. If you can make your users’ life easy then it is obvious that their loyalty towards the brand improves.

Gain Popularity on Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be followed also on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The posts must be inline with SEO so that the posts get more views, likes and shares. Social media posts are important because these have backlinks which take the users to the core website. While the Facebook or Twitter account does not affect the search engine ranking, the links which are shared on these social media platforms can boost the search ranking of the website. Also, social media profiles of businesses are the most searched in the search listings.


Last but not the least; SEO is economical. Engaging a London SEO consultant can be more affordable than opting for other marketing techniques. Most of the premium SEO service providers charge a fixed price for the SEO services. SEO also provides best Return on Investment (ROI). For this reason, SEO is gradually replacing email marketing and SMO techniques. Good search engine optimization attracts more visitors, increases the conversion rate and thus improves the Return on Investment.

SEO is hence the soul of digital marketing. Ranking is key in internet marketing and SEO helps to get the top ranks. Constant use of SEO will automatically boost digital marketing. A London SEO consultant can help you choose the appropriate SEO checkpoints and get more traffic on the site.

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