Why Online Stick Man’s game Has Got Even Better

The most popular and widely played online game Vex 4 has got even better. The hero is back with action-packed adventure. Check out Vex 4 as you slide, jump, climb, roll and run in all 25 levels for a thrilling gaming experience.

The game options that are available in the panel have few customizations that help the user pay more comfortably. So you may consider checking the new options that make the stick man run smoothly on any device. To start with you may want to set the effects or adjust background music. There are special features to adjust run speed warnings including particle limit and render quality.

The fun doesn’t stop here as the game has better features compared to its older versions and is visually attractive. Here are few things that can even drive a first-time player crazy.

New Obstacles: In Vex 4, there are certain obstacles to unlock that are far beyond the difficulty levels. It is quite common to find such a challenge but this is not for the weak-hearted. The addictive Vex 4 feels like one of the toughest adventures of your life to crack. Besides, at every new step of achievements, there are great goodies to enjoy.

Check out Vex 4

Fully loaded:  

The spunky little stick man’s game comes fully loaded. 40 different achievements, the trophies for these achievements are similar to the last version but the obstacles are not that easy. The hurdles are tough enough not just to slow down a beginner but an experienced player.

Stage Builder

As soon as the game is fully loaded the main menu can be seen where you can click on an option that says build your own stage. This mode has been popular in the previous versions and the exact has been implemented to make fans happy. In Vex 4 it’s possible to design the obstacles and include them in the mission. This customized stage can be shared with friends on social media pages.

Additional Characters

Check out Vex 4 to choose from two basic characters, to begin with. You can now choose to play the part of a male stick figure or a female stick figure. There are few additional options to unlock some more characters while advancing through the game. The list of additional characters includes a kitten, a mean bear and may more exciting ones waiting to be unlocked.

Overall Vex 4 gives a range of new acts and this time comes with in-game money too. This empowers the player to buy items from the game shop. Make sure that you eye for as many scores points possible with this more than normal online gaming experience.

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